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A medical center allegedly gave a single mother a $ 10,000 grant to a heart transplant to not say enough money to cover the procedure

  • Hedda Martin, aged 60, was told that she could not receive a heart transplant at Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

  • At the clinic, Martin denied he was denied that he would not exclude any body from taking any money to pay for new drugs to secure a new heart.

  • The clinic initiated an "$ 10,000 $" collection effort to reverse the transplant.

60-year-old female cardiac transplant needs to show that they have problems with the American health system, after talking to the Michigan medical clinic for the GoFundMe procedure to pay for the required medication.

Hedda Martin received a letter from the transplant commissioner at the Richard DeVos Heart and Lung Transplant Center at Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids, Michigan, earlier this month could not have had a heart transplant because the transplant payment fund had no new organ It would be the immunosuppressant drug that will exclude from the body.

"The Commission recommends a recommendation for the collection of US $ 10,000," read Martin, which he uploaded to Facebook now in a deleted message and later shared Luke O & # 39; Neil journalist Twitter.

Martin showed a $ 10,000 savings clinic before he received a transplant, he said on Facebook.

"When I have raised the required amount," I will be reconsidering my heart transplant, "he wrote, according to Splinter." It was not automatically added to the list, but it was re-examined. This is new. "

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Martin is $ 4.5 million in his Medicare plan, and he owes $ US700 a month's cup to pay for immunosuppressant drugs with Detroit Free Press.

Martin is disabled and has not worked since 2017. A heart transplant is required as a result of congestive heart failure, which occurred in 2005 as a result of chemotherapy for breast cancer treatment.

Martin's transplant is part of a bigger problem

Martin broke the story during the weekend, highlighting the breakdown of the non-profit health insurance system in the United States.

Congresswoman-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, defended by Medicare for All, even if you shared the message.

Matthew Cortland defends health care as Martin tweeted at times and imposed a high rate of Medicare.

Following the advice of the clinic, Martin's son, Alex Britt, created a GoFundMe on Saturday. Martin has created more than $ 299.9 million for heart transplant and treatment.

Spectrum Health has published a statement on his website that doctor's needs are a focus on the clinic, "transplants require constant attention and immunosuppressant drugs, and therefore costs are sometimes a weak and essential factor in the decision making process."

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Since Medicare has undergone heart transplants since 1987, the Department of Health and Human Services says, but the drug that maintains a body of people who refuse the new organ still requires a copy, considering that Spectrum Martin is expensive.

If the doctor's doctor contacted the person in charge of immunosuppression, he made it clear that Martin had denied a new heart. Some doctors offer free discounts or free medication, according to Free Press.

& # 39; Doctor & # 39; GoFundMe is one of the biggest categories

GoFundMe told INSIDER that the website could be a resource for people who need help in "rising costs of a system of health system".

The company added: "However, while GoFundMe can provide timely support for people facing health-related crises, we will not be a social security replacement platform. Platforms can not be a solution for crowdfunding to address significant public problems. solving complex and systemic problems ".

"We believe that the economic access to the whole of the health service is a right, and that all Americans must take action at the local, state, and federal levels at government level," he said. "Meanwhile, we will continue to work hard to provide a place where Americans can help each other".

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