Sunday , February 5 2023

According to Elon Musk, 70% have the chance to move to Mars – BGR


Elon Musk wants to take humans to Mars. With the company behind SpaceX, he advanced with some amazing claims about Red Planet for possible humanity. It has shown concepts on Mars settlements and scientists who say that planetary air conditioning engineering is impossible.

Now in a HBO interview AxiosMusk is no longer in its fictional claims. As Mars says, it will be for his home, and his probability will move to a planet of the 70s.

Musk said in the past that it is well that Marsen is dying, whenever landing (or, more precisely, when he fails). He is the one who travels with himself, with the courageous claim of being the best chance of killing the first men who make his trip.

Knowing whether or not Mars is living, man would be able to escape from the troubles in the ground. Musk retreated. The fact that Marte was experiencing difficulties, Musk said that he had to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for the privilege of taking him to Mars, a price point that Musk's expectations will be a reality for a long time to make life difficult and dangerous. little time for peace of mind

Why did he want to go, knowing the difficulties that will occur to anyone traveling, Musk made a trip to Everest to climb up to Mars. Everest dies all the time, Musk said that people are still trained because they enjoy the challenge. The difference, of course, is that reaching Everest ends in the end, while the rise and descent survives while traveling to Mars, it is like a one-way card.

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