Monday , July 4 2022

Adelaide school strike: CBD teachers


  • Public school teachers will vote for the strike

The Department of Education reported that more than five public schools and preschools will be closed Thursday morning when teachers go to strike.

They have advised about three half in the plan section. Of these, about 60% will be normal and the rest will open, but the learning programs will change.

"Education Directors are working with primary and pre-school directors to help them stay as open as possible," said the Department.

"Families are advised to get in touch directly with their child's school or preschool situation.

"Lands schools have advised families on Thursday afternoon on the status of bus services."

More than 1000 teachers are expected to leave the summons in Adelaide on Thursday after being released from CBD.

And Portland, Whyalla, Port Augusta, Port Pirie, Mt Gambier and Berri will be the regional rally, as the Australian Education Union fights business negotiation with the State Government with the streets.

AEO President Howard Spreadbury today stated that the strike trial was said to be about 75 percent of 13,000 members, and 77 percent voted for work.

Police announce at 9.30 a.m. at Flinders St.

He said he had not heard the Government repeatedly had the opportunity to cancel the 11-hour speech, expected to move forward.

He would "take a serious government bid", will return to the negotiation table for the next 24 hours, to face up to the strike.

The unions say that the government has excluded smaller measures, more teachers and support workers, and more incentives for country workers.

half_cameraThe Australian Education Union (UAE) members will work outside the Department of Education of October 2018. Image: AAP Image / Kelly Barnes

The Government says that it wants to eliminate specific financing measures through the next business deal.

Measures included in a document called "Commitment" to the agreement, such as preschool levels, additional resources for special schools, students with learning disabilities and funding for conduct units.

Some schools will be closed Thursday morning, some will open normally and some will open with limited classes depending on the number of workers who lose the strike.

Schools are currently communicating with families about their plans.

The Department receives all the information about each school available on Wednesday morning.

The Government strongly condemns that strike action will not affect the negotiation position.

Financing requires more flexibility to turn the situation into bad academic results, and as a result, it blames a public unions system.

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