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Airlines copy retailers like Amazon and Walmart and "Black Friday" & # 39; they start

  • First, it was Black Friday, and then it was Cyber ​​Monday. The trip is on tuesday today.
  • Travel Tuesday, Tuesday, after Thanksgiving, it's a day to get a great day ticket ticket.
  • According to Hopper's Airfare Forecasting website, the number of sales that will be doubled Friday Friday with Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday will be at Travel Travel weeks.
  • Several airlines, including Cathay Pacific, Southwest, EasyJet, Aer Lingus and Alitalia, have expanded their Black Friday sales, including Travel Tuesday.

First, it was Black Friday, and then it was Cyber ​​Monday. The trip is on tuesday today. In recent years, Black Friday, the number of companies participating in the Thanksgiving Retail Fest has increased steadily. However, airlines and travelers have come up with Amazon and Walmart PlayBooks, which have "run-off dates" and start capturing them.

Though Tuesday, in general, it's been a great time to catch a good part of a flight, Tuesday, Thanksgiving offers more opportunities for bargain hunters.

Flight Announcement Website Hopper expects the number of flight sales to be combined on Tuesday on Tuesday with Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday.

According to the website, last year's trip was analyzed at 20% of the total of last year's trips. And this year's expected sales rate is expected.

Indeed, Hopper makes some great savings in some of the most popular destinations in the world, including 41% of London flights, 32% for travelers and 32% of Hong Kong flights.

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So far, airlines have not yet traveled Tuesday. However, many airlines have expanded their Black Friday sales to cover Cyber ​​Monday and Travel Tuesday. Here are some of the best businesses:

  • Southwest-Southwest offers US $ 125 discount on US vacation packages and $ US250 discount on international holiday packages. Discounts will be until December 3.

  • Cathay Pacific – Hong Kong-based airline deals include, among other things, US-Asian flights throughout US $ 600, including Boston, Chicago, New York and Los Angeles, Hong Kong. Offers are available until November 27.

  • Aer Lingus – Irish Airline Aer Lingus offers a US $ 50 travel card in cities such as Europe, New York, Boston, Chicago and Washington DC West Coast, such as Los Angles, San Francisco and Seattle. discount flights in Europe. This agreement is available at 6:59 AM ET until November 28.

  • EasyJet – British low cost costs offers £ 50 or $ US64 in over 60,000 "Popular Breaks" or in flight and hotel packages. For example, a three-night weekend trip to Barcelona in London, flights and hotels are inclusive of £ 140 or $ US179 per person only. Discount code can not be required. The sale will end on November 28 at midnight.

  • Alitalia – The Italian international airline offers its US tour discounts, including $ US653, for a trip between New York and Milan. This agreement will end on the 27th of September at midnight.

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