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Anderson Silva means more than a fight title


Over the course of many years, while exceeding UFC's average division, Anderson Silva repeatedly asked the following questions: "my clone."

Well, science has not happened enough to happen yet. However, if you ask Israel Adesanya, Silva seems to have replaced a substitute for her otkogon.

"I am a guy that started my style when I started to style myself, because they are black and black as I am looking for," said Adesanya on Monday with The MMA Hour. "So I liked it, if you want to fight against your clone, you can fight, but I'm better than your clone, because I've investigated every single thing you did, your exploitative device. I know when it's chill, I know when it's going to attack I know when it's offensive, I know when he wants Blitz.

"I am sorry. I know that man knows better than himself, and I know some things about him, even though he does not know it, because I'm looking for an outsider."

The Break: First Liddell-Ortiz 3, now Adesanya-Silva? What is elder abuse?

Anderson Silva vs. Adesanya Israel UFC 234 for Australia

Adesanya (15-0 MMA, 4-0 UFC) and Silva (34-8 MMA, 17-4 UFC) – "presumably" Adesanya was careful, while the contracts were not signed – set at UFC 234, Sunday, On February 10, at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne.

The fight against strikes will be the first fight for Silva for two years. A sudden interruption, including a breakdown of the U.S Doping Agency, was an anti-doping test.

"The Last Stylebender" clearly revealed a delight in the conversation, but it is clear that they have overcome the initial obstacles.

According to Adesanya, Silva was meeting in Melbourne, where he met with UCC President Dana White recently in Australia. The whistle, he says, liked the Silva match, but the UFC's first ESPN television card was placed on January 19. Then it seems to have liked it, when White took Silva.

"At first, Anderson did not say," said Adesanya. "I was something like myself" (split), oh, well. "I mean, it's good, I do not kill my hero."

UFC 230 Fight Motion: & # 39; Israel Adesanya's knees are even better

Adespañá, said to be one of the best-known veteran of Brazil: Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza. This would bring a pretty quick return for both men, which earned a UFC 230 card this month.

"That was set, I thought it was ready and then I received the call from my coach yesterday, saying that he needs more time to prepare" Jacare ", said Adesanya. "And I can not understand, he fought hard (with Chris Weidman ex-champ). It was easy. I cleared (Derek Brunson) easily, but his battle came back and forth.

Souza's "no" was Silva's "yes". Adesanak still does not know what the former champion was to change the heart or "who got in his ear."

"I want to think about and think about him, think who he was and what his legacy is," said Adesanya. "The best thing he always liked was his boyfriend, he is currently in his career, and he will pay a lot of money, so he might not want to plan for boys like me, people who die, bad people, and want to be a good trip. He still guessed what he wanted. "

Although Silva was never a secret, he said, after winning UFC 230, Silva was "great" and "left alone." The midwife was said to be a dream, after all. Interviewing with a coach, he took it to his heart.

"When my movie comes out, when my life's movie comes out, this will be a (pivotal) momentary moment," said Adesanya. "That will be the moment – you can not write (explicit). Seriously. I get (exploitative) beat guy really put me in the game, unknowingly. It's a perfect story.

"It's a perfect story that is totally ending, too, after this fight." That means, what he did, and that's why he managed to do it. It has been the highest average champion of all time; Take it from here. I will focus forcefully, if necessary. "

He is not really arguing that Silva has won all his victories over the years, he has had eight octagon records for the title of the king. In the minute 43, Silva was not the best race ever. Despite winning Brunson's decision, it's just the official victory of the last five wins of the champion.

But his 29-year-old enemy, who is still in the shadow of his MMA career, still has not yet seen a dangerous and still strange Silva.

"People more than anyone can play better anywhere else, because we cut the same cloth: the greatness of the cloth," Adesanya said. "The way we move is different than the rest, it will be a guy who understands how to move in a different way, so never sleep. It's a spider. It's good to know what he has done.

"I know how to beat it, I know I have to overcome it, I know how to win, but I do not emphasize it, and I do not emphasize it, I have to go there and do my job, because it's just a fan, it does not mean that your hands can not catch it" .

Despite Silva's current situation, Adesanya believes that "GOAT is a reason" and plans a campaign to win Melbourne's title. And it does not hurt the current champion, Robert Whittaker, who defends his belt against Kelvin Gastellum in the game of the same card.

Whether it establishes in court or not, although Adesanya has already marked a contribution box before the 10th of February.

"I will tell you right away: This means that the world (exploitative) is the title," said Adesanya. "Right now, I'm still dying. Sincerely, this (expletive) means the world for me. I saw the UFC 90's first fight for a quiet fight. I saw DVDs before, (exploiting) murking dudes.

"And now, I want to – I saw a guy like that and emulated so long. This is like Lebron James, looking at Michael Jordan. Like, the (expletive), which means more than a shiny belt (explosive). I'd like it, & # 39; Yo, I did the work I did here. I did it. & # 39; But I did not do it.

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