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Apple Watch is still prevalent, but Samsung and Fitbit's four-time deliveries

Both Samsung and Fitbit were copied smartwatches sent during the 2018 quarter of the quarter, compared to the same period of the previous year, according to a new Strategy Analytics report. As a result of the growth, the Apple smartwatch market has lost more than 15 points in the same period, although it controls more than half of the market. The number paints a healthy image in the global smartwatch market, and overall it grew by 56 percent, according to analyst numbers.

Although Apple's market share has fallen, more than ever it's selling smartwatches. Apple's deliveries have increased 1.4 million units in the same quarter of the previous year, with a total of 9.2 million units being sold Q4 in 2018, according to Strategy Analytics data. Samsung became the second largest manufacturer, with 2.4 million units (0.6 million in the same quarter of 2017), while Fitbit increased 0.5 million and 2.3 million deliveries.

Apple Watch Series 4 finally refined Apple's useful formulas to bring its original vision to its end, the beginning of the new Samsung Watch brand, although it lacks execution. In the meantime, Fitbit released a second-generation smartwatch cheaper, improving its original issues.

Increasing everyone's sales, The Strategy Analytics Loser Loser Google only appears. Even if its smartwatches do not produce it, Wear OS wants to be the most useful dress software on Android. However, all the smartwatch brands are still in your software. There are constant rumors that Google some days produce "Pixel Watch" that produces a product called its smartwatch, but it seems that they do not matter at the portable market.

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