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Ariana Grand tears the Japanese tattoo worse

Unless attempted to try, try again.

This is probably when Ariana Grande tried to repair the tattoo, when he meant "7 rings" Japanese, but said "BBQ grill".

However, the singer wants to get better advice, so it was wrong to try to resolve it.

Grande sent to Instagram to show correction.

"Slightly better, thanks to my tutor, I solved to help," he wrote. "And my doctor for lidocaine shots (no joke), shrink the roasted carbon miss u man. I really liked it really."

Her tutor advised her to add a Japanese "finger" to change the "seven-finger circle" or "seven-ring" translation.

However, the new symbol has been added under seven characters, especially between the original increment.

So now, his tattoo tells him "Japanese BBQ finger" or "stone finger".

Maybe it's lucky for the third time?

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