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ASX to make it more advanced

Iron and metal base spent the night, strengthening the mining companies' shares, which helped FTSE 100 lift 1.6%. In London, BHP closed 2.6 percent and Rio earned 1.7 percent.

"Metals accumulate copper and nickel all year long, before profits win," said Marex Spectron. "Only one of these two metals registered above average turnover.

"A sharper movement also expanded, following the latest US predictions of Venezuelan oil punishment, DOE supporters and technicians. The rise of the base was collected in dollars in the afternoon, although it was a figure of ADP employment, which was 213 times higher (181 cons.). This year's dinner began two-day US and Chinese meetings. "

Likewise, European shares have also advanced, although Italy confirms the day after, it shows that it is a delay in the economy of both countries.

The European company listed in the STOXX 600 index expects an increase of 3.6 percent year-on-year growth in the fourth quarter, which is 4.8 percent more heavily predicted than expected.

"We will see expectations of growth in sales by 2019, which is still high. This year we tend to be 8 or 9 percent more growth, and probably we will come from a minimum of one digit," said Britta Weidenbache, according to European DWS shares.

"It is interesting that the stocks have already been penalized with the last drop that was so hard, especially at the end of last year, which really react positively, in a way and in despair," said Weidenbache.

After closing the New York hood, Facebook and Microsoft will report results.

Apple's shares were bigger, as investors thought that companies that seemed to innovate were not leading the main iPhone products that were selling their biggest sales, because iPhone revenue was suspended.

A few months ago "there was a huge concern about global growth," said Chris Zaccarelli, chief investment officer at Charlottes Independent Advisory Alliance, Bloomberg. "If you see large companies as forecasts predicted or those that are not better than expected, this is why you will be bumped back.

Current agenda

Local data: Trade price indexes for the fourth quarter

Foreign Data: Japanese Industrial Output December; Eurozone unemployment rate December, GDP fourth quarter; UK GfK consumer sentiment in January; US employment index costs fourth quarter, Personal Income and Expenditure December, Chicago PMI January (Note: US data is being redistributed as a result of closure of the US government partial).

Significant markets

The SPI growth increased by 21 points or from 0.4% to 5848 by the AEDT of 6.35

AUD + 1.3% and 72.67 cents. US $

Wall St at 2.38pm: Dow + 1.8% S&P 500 + 1.7% Nasdaq + 2.1%

New York, BHP + 3.4% Rio + 1.6% Atlassian + 1.7%

Europe: Stoxx 50 + 0.3% FTSE + 1.6% CAC + DAX% -0.3%

Gold point -0.1% to $ 13.17.97 for ounces at 12.47 in New York hours

Brent crude + 1.7% US $ 62.39 for cars

US oil + 2.7% of US $ 54.73

Iron + 4.9%, $ US82.53 tons

Dalian iron + 0.7 582 yuan

LME aluminum + 0.8%, $ US1909.50 tons

LME copper + 1.4% and $ US6136 tons

2-year performance: US 2.58% Australia 1.79%

5-year profit: US 2.56% Australia 1.88%

10-year benefit: US 2.73% Australia 2.24% Germany 0.19%

US-Australia 10-year gap between the benefits 4.44 AM from the AEDT: 49 points

Today's financial review

Banks do not blame & # 39; house slump: Westpac chief executive Brian Hartzer said one of the unexpected consequences of residential loan crackdown was "small business punishment".

& # 39; Raise Housing & # 39; As a result of the credit crisis: Household prices will fall in the decade of 2019, banks are forced to get irrational spending charges, says Douglass Orr de Endeavor Equity Strategy.

United States of America

The ADP National Employment Report increased its private balance by 213,000 jobs in January, after enrolling 263,000 in December. Surveys from the Reuters survey predicted that private trades lasted 178,000 years.

According to the economics report, non-farm payrolls (debuted on Friday) increased 165,000 jobs in January after 312,000 December jumped. The unemployment rate has changed by 3.9%.

In a special report, the National Agricultural Agent said that the home sales index, based on contracts signed last month, dropped from 2.2 to 99.0 percent, the weakest since April 2014.

In europe

Luxury stock markets on Wednesday were silver hedges for European markets after the strong results of LVMH.

Europe was traded on the STOXX 600 sides before growing 0.3%, and achieved the best monthly yield from October 2015.

Britain's FTSE 100 sold 1.6 percent 1.6 percentage points among London-based multinational exporters.

The German payment company Wirecard was the worst actor in the European index, which fell by 13.3%. Financial Times alleged economic error.

It was among the smallest regional indices of Frankfurt in the negative regions, and it shared with the blue DAX members.

The French LVMH shares rose by 6.7% as a luxury conglomerate and said that it was "sensible" to see the fourth quarter sales of China's dread.

"This healthy healthy number, along with the positive management tone, should give investors the convenience of the current luxury market," said Berenberg analysts.

Hermes, Giringer's owner, Kering, Moncler and Burberry STOXX 600 boosted a 3.1 and 5.9 percent rise.

Italy's Italian Salvatore Ferragamo also indicates a drop in sales, an increase of 1.5 percent because LVMH has raised the luxury sector.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has said that it has been recruited in the fourth quarter of the country's economy, which is likely to put pressure on the Italian government's spending plan into a recession.

"I expect more contraction of the raw product for the future in the fourth quarter," said Contek in an event broadcasting in Milan on Facebook. "Analysts have told us that they will probably still suffer a little earlier this year, but all the items will be recovered in the second half of the year."

The country's statistics office forecasts numbers of the fourth quarter of GDP on Thursday at 11:00 in Rome. Conte did not specify how long he had seen before.


Hong Kong's trade end, the Hang Seng index was 0.4%, 27,642.85 points, Hang Seng, the Chinese Company Index (0.3%). Hang Seng's subscription energy subcategories ended at 1 center, while the IT sector was 0.5 percent higher, the financial sector grew by 0.3% and the property sector rose by 1.1 percent.

The Shanghai Composite Index of China decreased by 0.7% in 2575.58 points, and the blue chip index CSI300 was 0.8% lower in China's economic slowdown.

The National People's Congress, China's rubber stamp sequestration, will vote on the new foreign investment law, which will replace three existing laws, which will be released on March 5, the Xinhua news agency said on Wednesday. Sure to be approved

"This unified law is necessary to provide stronger legal protection for more open, more open and better use of foreign investment," said Fu Zhenghua, a Minister of Justice, after submitting a draft to the legislators on a special session of the Congress on a special session this week.

China's speeding on the implementation of the law – at least three months in which Beijing is at least three months old – reaffirms the desire of President Xi Jinping to reach an agreement and resolve the conflict.

Some trade commerce seems to increase the economic slowdown that is already underway, analysts say.


The main central bank in Ireland, Philip Lane, has been replaced by Peter Praet, the only candidate for the ECB central bank, who continues to respect the ECB's key policy. Since the age of 49, Lane has brought the Irish central bank since 2015.

TD Balance in the US Return Plan: "According to forecasts, the refunds in February did not increase the auctioning of the auction since November 2017. The Treasury will have an auction of $ 3,000 in the US $ 38bn auction, $ US27bn auctioning at US $ 10bn in a new 30s next week.

"The supply bill would have to be increased to $ US115bn (except for the CMB) in the next two months, but should be moderated at the beginning of April, the Treasury said the reduction of the debt ceiling could not prevent the lower balance of the portfolio;

TD said "the increase in the auctioning rate should be much shorter for the Treasury, which could tighten the Treasury OIS (as the spread has already been tightened) and helps to spread the front exchanges."

JPMorgan estimates that the amount of excess reserves left by the Federal Reserve for US $ 1 trillion in the US bank system is twice as planned.

Recent estimates The US central bank would end its balancing normalization, about $ 3.3 trillion in the second quarter of 2020, as JPMorgan economist Michael Feroli wrote in a study note.

United States

Iron could be a $ 100 mark: the price of the iron price jumped again, and could be higher in weeks later.

Nickel prices have fallen three months on Wednesday, and investors are worried that one of the largest vale market producers in the world can reduce supplies in the already tight market. London Metal Exchange (LME) Benchmark Nickel closed at 1.9 percent to $ 12.350 tons. The stainless steel component made more than two-year trends in Januayr 2, which worries more about the slowdown in economic growth in China. However, it reached about 17 percent of supply deficits to reduce exchange inventories.

LME copper grew by 1.4%, a USD6136, 12,500 tons of accusations, frozen LME deposits plus 104,950 tonnes, ultimately profits and 56,650 tonnes of gold on October 13.

Aluminum grew 0.8% at US $ 1,909.50, zinc closed at 1.1 percent higher at $ US2686, earned 0.7 percent US2090 earnings and $ 0.6 percent US20.800 won.

Australian Sharemarket

Australia's stock market has been in the midst of a big threat on Wednesday, but Qantas remained a significant downturn on the domestic carrier.

S&The P / ASX 200 Indices achieved 16 points, or 0.2 percent, 5887, while the General Replacement Index was 12 points or 0.2 percent to 5951.

In the wake of the mining industry, Ipar Star Resources ranged from 4.1 to 8.64 dollars, while the Western Area was 3.3 and 2.19 percent.

Street Talk

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