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Australian airplanes participated in an air accident that killed 18 civilians – Policy


February 01, 2019 00:01:54

Australian Defense officials revealed that they were two fighters of the RAAF who participated in a bombing mission in Iraq, which lasted 18 Iraqi civilians.

The incidents occurred in June 2017 to restore the northern Mosul city during the bloody struggle between Iraq and Coalition forces.

The Iraqi security forces came to be seven Islamic fighters, calling it a coalition air strike.

Both F / A-18F were in the Super Hornets deployed on both GPS-driven missiles.

But Australian officials have now confirmed that civilians were innocent in the vicinity of the explosion.

"The coalition evaluates the deaths of six to 18 civilians, based on the population density assessment," explained Air Marshal Mel Hupfeld, General Compensatory Operations.

"The accidents of civilians can not be determined by the Australian plane, by the near Coalition plane or by other agents."

Air Marshal Hupfeld said that the Australians would not have participated in such strikes, at least not in danger, based on Iraqi forces' advice.

"We are aware of the review of events that our air crew did not make mistakes in this mission," said Air Marshal Hupfeld.

The first reports on important deaths were reported to the Airwars website as a result of civil damages caused by the South East Asia and North African aircraft.

At the beginning, 50 people were suggested that websites could be killed.

Some local reports suggested innocent victims could have family.

Sixth delay informed about the incident and Australian officials

Australian officials reported in January 2018 and conducted a 12-month investigation. The researchers did not report to the airwaves through their questions to report reports.

Air Marshal Hupfeld made clear that they were civilians and that air would never be accepted.

However, Iraq's security forces are preparing for a situation that is not guilty because of the high pressure of the IS struggling with the attacker.

"The assessment was … The presence of civilian or civilian casualties was low, but there is always an opportunity," he said.

"Mosul's action was the fiercest outer air he saw in our generation.

"The unfortunate event is that these civilian deaths have happened."

The Australian bombing mission ended in the region at the end of 2017.

More than 30,000 strikes of coalition air strikes have been in the region, and the Australian Defense Army has said it would examine the civilian missions involved in the RAAF aircraft.

Air Marshal Hupfeld said compensation claims would centralize the Coalition Command and not direct ADF.


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