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Australian Vaping: A Discussion That Helps Smoking

A new review prevents reflection on e-cigarettes to stop burning nicotine patches or gums.

But the figures are the latest in publishing all over the world, and it's just a week after a worrying analysis shows that young Australian young women are showing a growing public concern.

The Queen Mary University in London, last week's recent study, found that 18 percent of e-cigarette users were smoked after one year and compared to 9.9 percent of nicotine replacement products.

The attitude of the government to existing evidence indicates that e-cigarettes are not harmful to the products that produce harm and the effect of nicotine on the health of e-cigarettes.

It helps the image of what is healthy and not, and it seems that they seem to be misunderstood as it seems to be widespread in public health.

Several groups push the vaping legalization of Australia, including the Australian Tobacco Harm Reducing Association (ATHRA), the legal brand such as Legalize Vaping Australia and Philip Morris.

"Vaping is an indispensable alternative to quitting smoking and has left millions of smokers abroad," said ATHRA President, Colin Mendelsohn, Associate Professor.

half_cameraMany people are pushing to become Australian legalized.

ATHRA is a health promotion charity to promote tobacco reduction reduction strategies and tobacco awareness by independent physicians.

Professor Mendelsohn said he was giving up smoking, Australia has ceased to exist since 2013, and vaping was a potential for smokers.

"Scientific compliance is less harmful than smoking," he said.

He said 37 out of the OECD countries, but only three were banned in Mexico and Japan.

Legalize Vaping Australia's campaigner Brian Marlow said that more than 55 scientific studies showed vaping less harmful than cigarettes and could help quit smoking.

"2.6 billion Australian daily by smoke and ABS, since 2014-15 the daily adult smoking rate – has not been changed," he said.

"Over the course of three years and no support from Australians, the events are clear. The methods of reducing smoking rates do not work, and there is another way.

"Australia can catch Canada, New Zealand, the United States and the United Kingdom, and smokers do not refuse to smoke.

"We need a legislative and regulatory regime that allows the sale of these products to be the best options for getting cigarettes."

Tammy Chan, director of Philip Morris, said that products, properly regulated, could help reduce the rate of smoking.

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