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Back to school? Here's how to keep children's head reefs

A new course, a fight that blooms with parasites and lives to live with kids, writes by Cameron Webb at the University of Sydney

A new school, the fight between bloody parasites and children living in children.

But stressed parents and caregivers stressed their babies are trying to be tricky.

Here are some tips, the treatment of lice inevitably tricky to delay as much as possible.

Remember me, what are the thorns of the head?

Buru lice (Pediculus capitis) are insects that are almost exclusively in the hair of human heads. These parasites are not found on another planet.

There are excellent veins that make the hair bumps up and down, those that feed on the bloodstream in the infected scalp. They are usually fed three times a day, spent every 15 minutes.

While the bite can lead to mild irritation, they are not spread by the mistakes they cause.

The makers do not live long enough, not more than a month. Adult eggs (usually known as nits), usually for a week or approximately. This life cycle is simple, but the identification and eradication of infestations is essential.

You want to remove the kidneys from the kidneys and then remove them again two weeks later to get rid of new outbreaks before giving them more eggs. Blamb / Shutterstock-i
It is worth investing in weight combs. According to Jiri Hera

Eggs are the foundations of hair. These eggs, even if they are rats, will continue to grow in their hair.

This means that not more than 100 centimeters of spotting or scalp is necessary.

Instead, look for direct grease moves. This is the most reliable way to confirm the infection. Use a local pharmacy lice comb to make a special search easier.

How are infants infested?

Do not leap skates or fly or swim. They are directly linked to the headache from direct contacts, making relationships between two people's hairstyles and creating a bridge for adventurous dogs for the whole world.

But the stools can be confused, a study needs to show hair particularly lined up, allowing parasites to sell from one another.

That's why a person does not bite people's transmission is not so easy as they suggest urban myths.

Sharing heads, towels or pillows will not necessarily be the best option for lifting your head. They will not be browsed through the classroom floor.

Direct direct contact is the best way to share an infection, so we recommend that you visit people around the cell phone and tablets!

Headache strokes can be minor, but may cause major concerns for parents and caregivers. They were Finkle / Flickr

Lice is not necessarily hair removal or dirt. Short hair is not an immune infestation, but long hair options are greater chances of scams.

Stretching the hair to make sure it goes back considerably reduces the risk of catching the head ramps.

Why are headache really a problem in Australia?

Bumps are a problem in the world. But in most cases, they are worse than the health risk.

Research suggests that one-third of Australia's primary school children may have current children. With more than 2.1 million Australian primary school students, 700,000 infants are potentially infested.

The thoughts of head tails may be really worse than the itchiness resulting from a real infection. The Australian Academy of Sciences offers why a malicious parasite is a pleasant breakdown that causes so much stress.

It is harder to control the head lice than in the past. International studies make resistance to traditional use insecticide resistant. This is also likely to be an Australian problem, but more research is needed to better understand the situation.

Alternatives to traditional insecticides, such as botanical extracts, may be more useful in the future.

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Most Australian health authorities avoid insecticide, instead combining hair (or using aerators) and combing licees.

The elimination of cross infections is indispensable for two treatments, each one for a week. This ensures that adult scams are killed, and then the rest of the eggs are dropped off to slavery, but when secondary treatments die, they can offer more eggs.

I'm itchy!

Perhaps the most serious health problem related to headache is stress and anxiety for infested children's parents and caregivers.

Even before seeing a single louse, finding a warning from the school's "occurrence of the bluffs" may be quite serious if you frighten your head! There is also this term: psychosomatic itching.

Do not worry – headaches are annoying but not harmful. Via DGLimages

Unfortunately, there is no solution to eliminating reefs. And it does not matter what social media claims, mayonnaise, hair straighteners or household cleaning products – is a bad idea.

The most important thing to remember is not to create health problems, or to look after hygiene or care in the home care quality indicators.

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Cameron Webb, clinical lecturer and Hospital's chief scientist, University of Sydney

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