Thursday , July 7 2022

Balloon jellyfish killing marine life


We know that a plastic bag can be damaged by a turtle.

But realize how broken balloons revolve around the ocean.

While children are fun to take a balloon in a shopping center or play with them at a birthday party, it may be a risk to our marine life, if not properly thrown, because the jellyfish seems to end up seemingly.

After studying at the University of Queensland in 2012, balloons were identified as sea turtles, as usual in the Queensland beaches.

In other words, the analysis of sea turtles has specific goals for finding balloons.

In fact, all the rubber elements found inside the dead turtles were 78 percent balloons or balloons.

Marine turtles are not capable of being thrown away, so junk feed is particularly problematic

Balloons and plastics can lead to the loss of the "float syndrome" of sea turtles and often deadly, in the case of gases generated by digestion treatment. This floats the animal, the boat strike, the shark predator, the snails accumulation and the sun's destruction.

Foods or protections are not escaped.

Many have died of the death of the dead.

They are just endangered turtles.

He has called a new documentary Rubber jellyfish Carly Wilson hopes to boost the forefront and change the issue.

Ceremonies of many world balloons are a reminder of many of the world's citizens.

At the end of the 80s, balloon bundles were marked with "100 percent biodegradable and environmentally friendly" because the ceremony of liberation of the globe was successful.

Ms Wilson said today's research has debunked a flawed statement, the litter of the globe showed that it was not biodegradable when salty water hit.

"Australian waters are about six centuries of sea turtle species," he said.

"Our politicians in Canberra are no less concerned. The Minister of the Environment, Josh Frydenberg and all the consultants and the messages, fell into the red ears.

"Eventually, I received a letter that could change the subject under the carpet. This request is addressed to more than 13,000 signatures directly and on this subject."

The film is being released during the November cinemas.

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