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Ben Affleck spoke to Kevin Smith for his "big mouth"

Kevin Smith adores himself with Ben Affleck at the end of his friendship.

A fan tweeted why he asks after Jersey Girl Director and Justice League A star stopped talking, Smith, 48, chimed in.

"I had to guess, since one of us has a wide mouth and has told stories stories with great care, sometimes it was not told, and the other is Ben," Smithe replied.

Smithe was responsible for the friendship given by his wife, Jennifer Garner, wife of Affleck.

"We are not king ** I have not been [close with him] in the decades, "said Smithe Yahoo! Movies In 2014 Ben is Ben. She has no wife [sic] take care of me And more honestly, I do not care much more. The triple-A is a movie star, and that's it. If I'm Jimmy Carter, I'm Billy Carter. I'll put it in the 70's. And I'm not related and here too. "

It was not the first time Smithe talked about Affleck's 46-year relationship peppermint actress

"Jennifer does not share the same sense of humor – I did not like my jokes," said Smithe, who was given his Silent Bob Speaks show in 2009. New York Daily News. "I was naked with Ben Affleck, as I knew what was going on very well, I was talking – and Jennifer goes," You know, if you say things about him, I'll shoot it _____ Egunkaria, the real girlie has a sense of humor and does not I understood it in a joke. "

"I remember talking to Ben and being like that," I know your lady does not think it funny. Ben, I know you years, and you are far beyond me! "His jokes are cheaper than mine," Smithe added. "He jokes for me and I like it," Ben, you must go to the church. "

Affleck, 46, and Garner divorced this month earlier.

In August, Garner made an intervention in Affleck and promoted rehabilitation to treat his alcoholism.

The Oscar winner talked about the treatment he had published in October, "I spent a 40-day stay at the alcohol addiction treatment center and stayed in ambulatory patients. I mean more help from my family, coworkers and fans, to contact my illness. I have been given strength and support, and this dependence is a lasting and difficult fight, which is why I never get into treatment. It's a commitment for a long time, I am fighting for myself and my family. "

This story appeared on Fox News and was re-released with permission

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