Tuesday , January 26 2021

Bernard Tomic holds Davies Cup captain Lleyton Hewitt

Australian tennis has once again exploded Bernard Tomic in the good match of the post-match game released by Lleyton Hewitt in Davis Cup.

Tomic team was directly ranked World 6 with Marin Cilic, 6-2 6-4 and 7-6, in a game that lasted more than two hours.

The 88-year-old's 88th year after the victory in Madrid, he spoke with a fierce smile, while Hewitt and Australian Tennis fluttered.

Tomic made a series of accusations against Hewitt, including:

– A suggestion that Hewitt has helped players from Aussie have a Davis Cup team that is linked to a shared-ownership company with shared ownership.

– Aussie classmates also feature stars such as Thanasi Kokkinakis and Nick Kyrgios while boycotting Lleyton.

– The Aussie Cup Davis Cup system has been broken down under Hewitt's leadership; and

– Hewitt is replaced by the new captain, former Aussie Davis Cup, as Wally Masur.

Tomic's dramatic press conference lasted five minutes before Australian Open Media officers closed.

The former 20 players left the room left beforehand and had the opportunity to "have fun" for the reporters.

"Many players are not very pleased with us," said Tomic for the first time asked if Davis Cup expects this year.

"I do not speak. I, Kokkinakis, Kyrgios. I think we'll fix what we've created. I've been calling for a year ago, knowing something in Davis Cup, and now Kokkinakis and Nick are not playing because people are having problems. Fortunately, this can be organized and the best players play in Australia. "

It gives less than a week after the Kokkinakis bomb report, it also has Hewitt with the selection option.

Kokkinakis mentioned the Open Bulls **** report on the eve.

Tomic said: Kyrgios and Kokkinakis will be able to return to Davis Cup, for the sole selection of "the best Australian players".

"It's just about seeing people doing bad things," he said.

"I think we all know people. Fortunately, it can be solved and the best players can be played. Until then, the player is a person who does not play."

When asked to clarify his position, he unloaded it in Hewitt.

Hewitt also took a sensational shot in front of the youngest players in Davis Cup Cup boxes.

"It's Lleyton, I'm going to say honestly. No one likes it," Tomic said.

"It's a bad thing, Davis Cup is playing. I thought I was retired. It plays these games and all that.

"Absolutely, Kokkinakis, Kyrgios, we do not want to play anymore, because it ruined it. It spoiled the system, like I went. I thought I thought, why are you still in tennis? Why play all those double plays?

His most dramatic accusation is the suggestion that Davis Cup's camp is a conspiracy for the Hewitt manager-operated player.

"It's really fun to play wildcards under our system, I think (boys like Alex) Bolt (…) they're all under the wing, so that's the percentage," said Tomic.

"It's a conflict of interests, and I think so. Why am I wrong?

"They're all under his wing, under the management company, so it's all a matter of conflicting interest, the more they do it here, the more they take it. You know what's happening and I think it's wrong.

"It's Davis Cup and it is doing things wrong and we do not want to play anymore. We can move on and hope we're a good captain."

Tomic renowned Aussie disgruntled player told Hewitt that he was not the first.

"He has not played any player first since I heard it last year," said Tomic.

"It does not make the first players, it does not make Nick first, Kokkinakis does not first, it's always the same and it's not good, you do not play more bro. You're retired. Not good." Wally Captain Wally Masur Davis Cup captain It was disbelief. Someone liked it. "

As a player, he is also a great respect for Hewitt and has lost Davis Cup as captain.

"There is no Lleyton's legacy … it's his own recording of tennis," said Tomic.

"The absolute champion, but now he's doing is wrong."

Australia said he needs very different captain Davis Cup.

"The right thing for someone to do, honest, who does not do something", said Tomic to nominate his favorite candidate to replace Hewitt.

"Who is the best player for the team? All the players. Davis Cup is talking about all the players. There is no captain sitting on the chair."

Tennis Australia did not talk about his worries, he said, his complaints are aware.

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