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Big drinkers change DNA dependence on fuel

Breastfeeding can change the paths that increase the desire for alcohol, suggests new research.

The findings explain why alcohol dependence is so strong and difficult to face, say scientists.

The United States team analyzed two genes that play a role in controlling drinking behavior.

PER2 is a body biological clock and other POMC that regulates stress responses.

Thus, scientists also looked at moderate and heavy consumer DNA, and binge drinking.

Both genes underwent changes in "epigenetic" in both heavy and edible beverages, but moderate drinks did not find them.

Rutgers University Senior Research Professor Dipak Sarkar said the change in DNA could lead to heavy burdens.

"People who drink terribly can change their DNA, even in a way that craving alcohol," he said.

"This may explain why alcoholism is a strong dependency and help prevent new forms of alcohol abuse in one day or avoid any personal risk."

Alcoholism: findings published in the clinical and experimental research magazine are protected through experiments that receive real alcohol responses.

Participants showed images of neutral, stressful or alcoholic images and beer containers.

Drinking motivation was evaluated.

The results suggested that the genetic changes that we saw earlier have been able to draw more alcohol and large fermenters.

In the background of the study, scientists mentioned the report of the World Health Organization, and more than three million people died in 2016 as a result of alcoholism.

Over three quarters of alcohol deaths were males.

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