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Bonanza for shareholders in the period of the profits

"Broadly, the expectations were low and the fears were high," he said in February, said Airlie Funds Management's debt manager Emma Goodsell. Still "companies have navigated [the tough conditions] It's been well-read through the home economy, "we have not yet seen profits yet." "

On Thursday, official data showed that business investments were $ 30 million in the quarter of December, up 2% on the previous quarter, although the investment spending plans were $ 118 million for this year, 3.6% of the previous budget.

No horror show

Profit numbers showed negativity at the end of last year and, until 2019, it was unjustified, there are many conditions for Australian corporations.

"Many of the management groups, especially local economics and especially consumers, have mentioned the potential weakness, which is a general consensus," said Bennelong Australian Capital Associates, Investment Director, Julian Beaumont.

The positioning position has been able to overcome the market, but "you can not take a positive reality with the numbers that are coming out," he said.

In the washing machine, 33 percent of the companies exceeded the 2 percent consensus estimates, while 38 percent lost a similar margin.

Based on good results in the long term and in good condition, Martin Rezere Birtles, CEO of Australia's Investment Director, said.

"But it seems that the consumer's power is more specific than people paid," he said. Retailers are "weak but generally held".

Reports such as JB Hi-Fi and Adairs were well received on the market, with Breville Group companies spreading more than 40 percent over the month. The expectations of Nick Scali in the furniture retailer were shown to be hopeful, and February 20th came in February.

In the end, it was "massively oversold" last year, the manager of Celeste Funds Management, Paul Biddle, said. "Everyone was very worried about the consumer, but he was a good Nick operator and a good result."

Splashing cash

Also, the renewal of the market was a series of revolutions of capital refunds, through special dividends, depending on the purchase or payment rate. When the years have been cut down and the years of reducing debt, the ministry has led to higher commodities prices, just like their boxes were filled. Rio Tinto announced Wednesday that $ 5.6 million worth of dividends are expected to return to Aussie shareholders this year's $ 84 million.

Changing attitudes about capital management is one of the "biggest changes" in the boardrooms of recent years, said Ms Goodsell. "It's been a M in the past&A, you're getting more and more "when you're selling it." The management team is happy to make smaller businesses and return the shareholders' money, and we think it's good. "

The mining sector has to be eliminated in the medium and medium term, Mr Beaumont said. The forecast of commodity price predictions, for example iron and copper, remains positive, he said, as demand and supply dynamics work for Australian mining and China is still more aggressive to boost its economy's footprint.

Professional investors have agreed to allow the CEOs to share shareholders 'shareholders' shares, so that the May Election could return the power and lower power before the franchise rules.

From the clouds forward

Although companies overcame the market's small expectations, the CEOs took on an increasingly rapid forecast, tight credit conditions, downsizing housing prices and consumed expenses, as well as increased uncertainty. May the federal elections.

Only 12 per cent of innovation companies rose against expectations of gains, driving 36 per cent less – "negative negatives," Mr Birtles said.

Ms Goodsell believes that a forecast "is guaranteed, especially considering the federal election, usually seen as a slowdown in the activity of the consumer."

"As a matter of fact, commercial conditions are confusing and are not too far in the future, considering the most important economic indicators, such as building approvals, will begin to deteriorate."

Mr. Biddle said the directors were deliberating that nothing was too much message to avoid sticking the neck and with disappointed shareholders.

"I think [CEOs] They are potentially preparing to get a better result in the August announcement season ".

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