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Bose Sleepbuds helped me sleep, but it's damn expensive [Updated]


I recently spent the Bose's Noise-Masking Sleepbuds. When I wrote about them for the first time, I have accepted the non-target market for small boys. Fortunately, I bless the ability to sleep anywhere, anytime. I hate good

But I landed in my hands while I was experiencing the hell of a jet lag in my life. I never had the best time to do this.

Update: This article was originally published on October 29. Since then I have tested a new feature and my experience including & # 39; Should you buy it before? & # 39; section. Enjoy!

Bose Sleepbuds


Earbuds that help you sleep


$ 379.95


They are comfortable, they have a great battery and block the noise.

I do not like it

You can not play your tracks and are expensive.

What are they

They are wireless headphones designed to help people sleep. With the Bose Sleep (available with Android and iOS), the tracks that you can select & # 39; They are used to hide sounds surrounding streets, rumors and annoying neighborhoods.

Something interesting is that you can not play your music, podcasts or sounds. On top of each other, this means that they will not be able to kill your phone's battery over vehicles, as it is not playing bluetooth all night long.

The application is also minimalist and easy to use. You can use it to select your track (including the amount of time you want to play it), if you have the desired volume and alarm.

What are good ones?

Noisy lock

To that end, it is very important to note that noise headphones are not noise – so loud sounds will still be filtered. I disguised the horrible street from the nightly noise, and from the one I played games. And when a partner talked to me, his voice grew bigger.

I got these results because the headset was 50% noise. Also, I passed cars between 75% and 100% (people who live on the main road drop their tunes and dragged on when I loved racing) and I still hear them.

So why not set 100% all the time? Unfortunately for me personally aloud. I would not hesitate to have soothing sound that does not have any sleep on the floor. That said, the routes are designed to prevent hearing loss and which may be high for other people.

Battery and charging case

One of my favorite things about Sleepbudget is charging. It's not only stylish and lightweight, it offers 16-hour power votes to reload it. This is ideal for long-haul flights and business trips.

The amount of light that you can see is cleared and the buttons are held magnetically when you want to create the juice. You can also check the amount of loads you can leave through Bose Sleep.

The really spectacular battery battery problem is cost, but we'll get that.


You may have a strange addition. After all, each phone has this functionality. But they do not directly penetrate the demonic sounds into their ears. Make Sleepbuds.

I like this feature: it is very good for anyone not to create at the same time. My wife and I are journalists and they are usually created at the same time … except for the hardware launching season.

These were awesome to launch the new iPhone at 2am, as well as the Google Pixel 3 and Huawei Mate 20 ad. In my bedroom I was awake, and the whole room did not burst an alarm.

Like tracks, after the alarm is set, they will not be stored inside your phone, or your phone will not be freed up if you do not have it all night long.


I was really happy with the level of comfort offered by sleepbuds. They did not stick, I was able to say good-bye by myself and they were safe enough all night long. While it's obvious that you're still wearing something you're saying is more comfortable than usual earbugs or earbuds.

The set of Sleepbuds also has three medium-sized advisory tips, which help with personal comfort and the ones you choose are not very small, because they let go of the sounds.


I do not mean that you will sleep at least for many variables, regarding the use of the environment.

But I said that they avoided the jet lag, they reassured the brains of my anxiety. And that's sleeping. The soothing sound of the bad bells and the waves do not think about the tranquility of my mind and those who love to die one day.

When I used Sleepbuds for the first time, I first shook myself quite quickly for a week and I was sleepy. I'm saying – I've slept. So, usually, I continue this way. That's why I did not worry about cutting a track, so it was not worrying about a loud noise locked.

In fact, I set track for the next few hours to play for a couple of hours. For me, sleepbuds were used to get sleepy, do not be there. For other people with more serious issues, it may not be easy.

What are they not so good?


Sleepbud tracks have been specially designed to make noise and rest. There are also 50 dB levels to protect against hearing damage. Also, the limit means that tracks can be stored on your devices to drain the battery of your phone. I understand why engineering opportunities have been made, and they can be seen as positive.

However, I still believe that these limits still listen to their music and podcasts, as well as the ASMR and meditation channels. No one wants to use expensive gadgets, such as a daily headset.

When Bos does not try to release more sounds over time, I will not be enough. In the next generation of sleepbuds, I hope you will find a solution, so that users can get a little bit more for their hearts and enjoyment between the two worlds.

On the one hand, the sounds are very good.

My goats are Campfire, Shower and Waves. I think fire, rain and waves are obvious opportunities, but it has been very nice for me. And that was important in approaching the headphones. These sounds reassured me.

It is also interesting that a "Altitude" track emulates the sounds of a plane. It looks like a machine, do not scream to clean your children, cutlery and toilet.

Long flight is one of the times I want to use to block the sounds of a flight. That's why I was surprised to have some people persistent. But hey, each one on their own. We all welcome the version.

Updated 11 November 2018:

As promised by Bose, a few new sound libraries were added a few weeks back, and now I had the chance to test the download process.

As we have already mentioned, the files are not played through Bluetooth: they are actually stored on the buttons. Transferring the news to others is a whole more difficult process.

More than 10 new sounds, all you can foresee – very cool. I liked some of them and I wanted to get all of my selections to sleepbuds.

No dice

As I quickly found, you need to separate each new track individually. Not only this, the app warns you that it can take you a short time and you need to transfer the boxes to the chargers.

Because this process is very motivating, the application recommends the passage of the night even when you are using your eyes. So I let another 24-hour wait, "Shoreline & # 39; to sleep with tuneta tones.

When I woke up the next morning, they only sent 2%. I was not happy

In the second attempt, I started the track when I played Sleepbuds next to zero sounds. In 37 minutes 37 minutes are missing. There was also a third attempt in the same environment in an hour.

I was happier to these results and hope was the first failure. As I said, I was not doing the application, to tell how to transfer tracks …

Each one. Single Hour. I'm leaving. To. Do It Yours

I think that Bose Sleepbuds is a daunting process with the first generation of the first generation. I still like what it is, and I really hope that the process will be relieved and comfortable in the future. But for now you can still do some work.

Do you need to buy?

While I had a lot of experience with Bose Sleepbuds, I passed the price tag. There is a lack of versatility in prospects for blind pointers, regardless of engineering and reasoning.

Moreover, there has been no past, that is, the first gen product, which is perfect. You can not completely delete the noise, if you cut a track, you wake up, however, you can not reproduce your content and improve comfort. And above all, there is no guarantee that you have worked with you until you try.

I like it here a lot, but $ 380 still requires a lot to deal with products so that people with a special function can have different people.

But as I have said in my first hands – I am someone with no problem sleeping in a jet lag. I do not know what the long-term sleep deprivation or any other sleep problem is. These buds can potentially serve better to improve one's own quality of life.

But those who have a different guaranty due to subjectivity, might have tried the first loan. Or if you are ready to take a break, you can get a 30-day, no-risk trial through the Bose website. Make sure you keep your opinion too!

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