Monday , August 2 2021

Brisbane resident says density is not a dirty word

"Also this can potentially get a lot of people off the roads if they're going to live near their train station or if they're going to be able to walk to their local cafe or restaurant for dinner and not always be getting into a car "

YIMBY Queensland was founded in 2017 and the movement has spread to New South Wales, Victoria and Perth.

Natalie Rayment co-founded YIMBY Queensland in 2017.

Natalie Rayment co-founded YIMBY Queensland in 2017.

Ms Rayment said complaints about development were often heard over support, but that did not mean support was not there.

"What I think is more common is there is a silent majority or maybe a silent number of people, whatever that number is, who really does not mind," she said.

"For most people, if they're really passionate about a development in their area, they're usually passionate because they do not like it," she said.

"They're going to take the time to write into the council or go along to a meeting but everyone else who likes it or does not care about it they do not get into the process because they do not mind making a submission or make a comment. "

Ms Rayment called for residents to change their attitude.

"It's about saying what about the newcomers coming to our city, what about people who do not have the privileges that we might have, what about immigrants moving into our city," she said.

"We want to make sure this is a city that welcomes people and we want to make sure we're providing housing choices.

"Not just housing choices, but local shops, childcare centers, all kinds of businesses and housing industry in the right location."

Ms Rayment said while the term YIMBY was simply a play on the word NIMBY – not in my backyard, the name of the group was not important.

"Whether it's called YIMBY or whether its just people have changed their attitude we really do not mind as long as it's having that effect," she said.

Ruth McCosker is an urban affairs reporter at the Brisbane Times, with a special interest in Brisbane City Council

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