Sunday , July 3 2022

Cairns heatwave creates a snack


The CAIRNS and the Hinterland Hospital and the Health Services suggest people with bats, as waves fall on trees and worms.

Richard Gair, director of the Tropical Health Service (Cairns), said that he reported more bats dropped from trees after the end of the extreme weather.

"Last week, six batches of bats have been cut or scratched, nowadays four, which is unusually high and posted on public health last week," he said.

half_cameraSnake birds on the fig tree in the library PICTURE: ANNA ROGERS

He said they could be infected with a potentially deadly lysavirus (ABLV) Australian bat.

"ABLV is an infection like rabies, that is, a bite or bite, or maybe the eyes, nose or mouth can be transmitted through saliva exposure," he said.

Dr. Gairre saw an injured or injured person who should not be manipulated, and instead, a vaccinated wildlife rescuer or caregiver report.

"A shark and bite require treatment, including vaccine, against ABLV development," he said.

"The treatment of dying or scratching on one side to prevent serious illnesses and deaths".

In all three cases, human ABLV has been a human infection, all of Queensland and all the dead; In 1996, 1998 and 2013.

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