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Capitalization of submarine contracts in France is to promote Australia's research and training practices. Policy


February 28, 2019 06:14:26

The capitalization of 50 million Australian futures under contract in Australia is expected to be delivered by 50 representatives of civil servants, scientists and business leaders from Australia to local organizations.

Main keys:

  • The delegation will sign more than 17 agreements with Australian universities and institutions
  • The French Government said 50 million dollars needed for more marine projects
  • French scientists argue that research needs to be financed properly

The group will sign 17 agreements with Australian universities and institutions, throughout the country, at the National University of Canada and at Adelaide University, Flinders University and UniSA.

These three Southern Australian organizations have joined the joint defense investigation laboratory to abolish the submarines contract sent by the Osborne shipyards in Adelaide.

Frederique Vidal, the French Minister of Research, Science and Innovation, has the main delegation and says that Paris is visiting Australia's views, and it has not been significant, especially the Barracuda submarine program.

"This project is a long-term project in collaboration with 50 years," said Vidal ABC.

"We need scientific collaboration in different disciplines to achieve this program".

Former biochemist and academician, the minister argued that France did not want Brexit to push for new partnerships.

The colonial impact of the Pacific in France has diminished. But Vidal has stated that Emmanuel Macron's president renews his Pacific focus to Australia as the last driver.

"For example, we share it with Australia Coral, and it is important to save and recover coral reefs," he said.

"This is a kind of project that we can manage at a country level."

Scientific research needs money from Australia and France

The French National Research Center (CNRS), Antoine Petit, said that the quality of scientific research in Australia was an attractive partner of national organizations.

CNRS is the largest research organization funded by the French government, employing over 30,000 employees.

Collaboration has more than 1,000 laboratories in France and more than 200 in the international arena. However, there are only eight in Australia.

"Which is not enough in my point of view," said Professor Petitek ABC.

"Australia is a country that is a French friend, as we all know, we share many things, especially wine, but also science."

"I think we share Australia with the impact that science has on society, which is why we believe that Australia is a very good country for the development of new partnerships."

As funding for scientific research, Professor Petit had a problem in both nations.

"Regarding football or rugby, if you want to be good players, you have to pay," he said.

"And if you pay much less than other countries, your best players may be lost.

"I think now, countries, universities or research organizations like France or Australia have" taken care of "their government.


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