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Chinese engineers are charged with the robbery of auto-driving auto secrets of Apple

The Chinese engineer robbed secrets of Apple's self-driving driving project, revealing the accusation of new criminals.

Jizhong Chen was arrested in January, when he was rescued one day in China at the same time as he was asked to work with the company, according to a criminal lawsuit released this week by the U.S. Court.

The secrecy of commercial charges against charges of robbery puts a maximum of 10 years' imprisonment and a fine of $ 250,000.

Chen, an electrical engineer, was hired by Apple Apple last June to join a team of hardware design engineers working on the Apple auto car project, said Adelaide Hernandez, the special FBI agent, at the presentation.

Chen was "secretly trained", including how to delete information, family members, and about 1,200 "core" employees to access the building that was centered on the project, according to the complaint.

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In December, Chen Apple warned to improve the performance of his work. The following month, a colleague took pictures of Chen's car project and passed the alerts.

An internal investigation determined that Chen had made images of the Stealth project and protected Apple's work computer for a personal computer, including more than 2,000 files, including schemas, manuals, and diagrams.

Chen said that Apple's work computer as a "policy policy" that unloaded a personal computer, which ended the plan to improve Apple's improvement plan, but photos were back in June, Hernandez said at the presentation.

Chen was suspended from his work as a result of Apple's internal investigations. Their findings were shared with the FBI.

Last July, Apple's former engineer was driving a Chinese driver who had stolen secrets from the self-driving technology project from self-driving.

Xiaolang Zhang complained about the crime of criminal prosecution under the secret secrets of the Apple project.

There were no cases, according to Hernandez. Apple stated last week that the car was to cut the car, but it was committed to technology.

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