Thursday , March 4 2021

Craig McLachlan wants Christy Whelan Browne's therapist to feature the Rocky Horror Show

Craig McLachlan seeks access to third party therapist warnings Rocky Horror Show Together with the star Christie Whelan Browne, he talked about the 2014 musical theater act, which defends both actors and media, with more than just allegations of sexual harassment.

McLachlan, 53, Fairfax Media, ABC and Whelan Browne assume a series of articles and reports on January, and was violently disturbed and violently violated the other two female partners on stage. The four-month trial will begin on February 4.

Craig McLachlan character ABC Doctor Blake Mysteries.

Craig McLachlan character ABC Doctor Blake Mysteries.Credit:Jessica Dale

On Wednesday, McLachlan's court asked NSW Supreme Court judge Lucy McCallum to ask Whelan Brown to name and address her therapist. In this way, the therapist's remarks were asked to record McLachlan's alleged complaint at any time. to do it

The lawyer Matthew Richardson told McLachlan that it was clear that Whelan Browne had a number of appointments with a therapist who discussed interaction with McLachlan and was not "fishing".

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