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Doctor Samitha Sudusinghe frustrated by the patient's wife: The Court

The Queensland physician has been instructed to try forensic pain tonight to be raped by a poor woman.

Samitha Sudusinghe is supposed to touch and put a finger in a single-mom vagina with her clothes in a 2015 annual appointment.

Then he tried to do it again, even though the woman moved her hands and said nothing.

The Grand Prix has also been accused of sin, after having met his young son in a previous appointment.

On Tuesday in the inaugural statement, Colonel Christopher Cook said the woman did not accept alleged sexual behavior.

Mr Cook said Sudusinghe was unexpectedly unexpected in the practice of Brisbane's northern suburbs in 2015 and alleged victims began that year in July after his usual medical return to India.

The court ruled eight times in five months, but the alleged corruption was not seen more than once.

Mr Cook said the woman would not accept her evidence, and when her hands moved and tightened her legs she tried to attack her.

Sudus has not claimed three charges against sexual assault, rape, and rape.

The jury hopes to listen to a hidden conversation when the alleged unexpected after-couple happened, the woman asked why she touched her without her permission.

Mr Cook said Sudusus "did not deny".

However, the advocate of his lawyers said that there were some phrases that could not be hidden in the scene and when he was "crossing the borders," he went to the ship.

Police interview, according to GP, will also appear in the Public Prosecutor's Office.

The test is waiting until Friday.

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