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Emirates flight flight angry & # 39; above the chicken sandwich depressant

An Emirates traveler was hungry after serving Cajun chicken sandwich – within a very small chicken.

Paul Carline traveled from Dublin and Brisbane when he served at Emirates flight in a dreadful sandwich.

Flyer shared a snack photo responding to a desperate lunch of another traveler.

"The food from my Emirates food for a flight from Brisbane in Dublin is not a bad thing," he wrote on Facebook.

In the picture, the label says "Cajun chicken and cheese" a multi-seed roll.

However, the sandwich only had a large square cheese with a small piece of chicken in the middle.

The Facebook user met with him in the service.

One said: "WTF is / was it? It seems like a pair of slices with cheese cut".

Another asked: "Where is the chicken?"

Posted by user from Facebook: "LOL, that's sad."

Paule replied to a person: "I did not call this meal. There was no hole in me."

Some people did not know the truth: "You took a lot of chicken snack, lying."

He responded to the other traveler who was traveling with Jetstar in the picture.

Howard Priestly was traveling from Bali to Perth by paying $ 9 per egg sandwich, according to West Australian.

What was inside of a small lettuce and one fine almond egg?

After complaining, he received a $ 50 bonus as compensation for the airline, because it was "not approved by the standard of service".

A British traveler had the same problem traveling from Bali to a Jetstar flight in Perth.

Nick Mosley paid the same amount of egg sandwich to find just one fill.

He replied: "I must say @JetstarArrogei a cheek charge $ 9 for sandwiches … without filling …"

In 2018, a Qantas freeway left unimpressed when they delivered a sad sad look at a flight between Melbourne and Brisbane.

The Australian Secretary of Aircraft Engineers' Association of Australia, Steve Purvinas, tweeted the sandwich picture, but it's clear he served someone who knows him or not.

The image shows a half sandwich with small calf and fat and some supplements. It was a dairy beef and half sandwich.

He asked for comments on people who did not believe the message they were served to.

Mr Purvinas suggested that the airline cuts were too far off.

"There are drivers, engineers, planes, luggage and sandwich machines missing, more managers than ever," he wrote.

"This semi arsed sandwich is pretty common. I keep track of the pages and outputs that are more frequent and many of them agree.

"My opinion is that airline companies are expecting a head start – my direct views have dropped and dropped." has been contacted by Emirates for comments.

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