Tuesday , March 21 2023

FART scores and sh *** ng bricks: Australian doctors Lego figurine heads lead to science


Six pediatricians in literary & # 39; sh * t adventures & # 39; they have science

Andrew Tagg, five colleagues from the Melbourne Health and Research Pediatrician, swallowed Lego's figurine heads and waited for the other end.

Since children around the world share the will to let their toys come in handy, researchers have tried to find "typical time-lapse times" for the toy building.

After retrieving from the participants' stomachs, the score found and retrieved (FART) was recorded.

So how long does it take to swaddle Lego backpack to get out of your body? The average FART score was 1.7 days.

A pediatrician is taking part Everything is very nice: do not forget about Lego Experiences could not miss the lost yellow lost in search of two weeks.

"The toy object quickly passes through adult subjects," he found.

"This will reassure parents and the authors argue that parents do not have to recover the objects that the child is looking for.

Full LEGO, built a Bugatti Chiron converter over a million Technic pieces

Full LEGO, built a Bugatti Chiron converter over a million Technic pieces

Despite the results, the researchers admitted that it was a small sample size, the data could not be extrapolated.

Similarly, people who devour small blocks of construction are children "The data that applies to the adult population can not be applied to children."

Dr Tagg warned children to crush foreign objects.

"Although most items swallow children, some can be dangerous and parents continue to be careful," he said.

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