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First-Sight, Melissa married Dino, over secret recordings

The relationship between Melina and Dino officially imploded Married At First Sight, who later found herself committed to the betrayal of her groom.

On Wednesday night, Melissa said she was confronted with Dino, saying she was complaining about her relationship with her sister's phone.

"In that interview, I heard everything Dino was bagging," said Melissa.

"Literally taking words and putting them in another scenario," Melissa retreated, asking for forgiveness. "That's unfair. I'm talking to my sister with me."

"In the meantime I feel betrayed and hurt doing that," Melissa later told the producers.

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But things got worse the next day, when Melissa was getting closer and Dino called her to another conversation.

"We wanted to sort out and reproduce the registry, either with us that really is really wrong and what we can do to see it in the past, so that was my intention," Dino argued.

"You have not seen what you did! You've recorded (mine), you've violated my trust, my respect!" Melissa cried again.

"You are secret! What did you do, wickedly, you calculated! I have no confidence! Like I feel sick!"

Melissa and Dino struggled to dine with Melissa's anger, making recordings before everyone.

Drama on TV shows, TV shows experts and Dino's shock and couples did not go forward.

"This is an act of betrayal," said Dr. Trisha Stratford, and Mel Schilling said he was "a punishment for death."

"I think we see here that this couple ends," said John Aiken.

The audience also condemned Dino's decision to record Melissa, "strange" and "strict" labeling.

Melina opened the secretive recordings of Dino earlier this week, when she told Perth 96FM Paul and Lise, "I found it."

"I was in secret, there is no such excuse, and the AF is wonderful," said Melissa.

"That's why I found it the only way I could get it when I caught another night, when we wanted to record a conversation, the gaslight type tries to say different things."

First Sight Married remains Sunday 7pm at Channel 9.

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