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Fortnite copies Apex Legends & # 39; Feature The 8 season up to date

The Apex Legends reviews have praised some of the game's features, but people have detailed the battle-king game ping system, which allows players to play a great deal of versatility. Fortnite's Season 8 update, which is taken out of the oven by Epic Games, is very similar.

Fortnite: Battle Royale players can press the middle mouse button on the computer or left-handed, with the Xbox One, L1 or L's, PS4 and Switch, respectively, to mark points of interest for various team members. It's similar to the Apex Legends system, this button will create a ping of position, element or weapon, a double touch that will create a red icon that indicates the enemy around it.

Epic worked before Apex Legends, but the time limit after Apex's liberation is to facilitate Fortnite's journey in a few weeks. The Apex success story was also seen as a company, free of charge for the season 8 Battle Passes, free of charge by anyone who has finished the Overtime challenge over the past few hours.

It was recently launched at Fortnite 8, bringing changes and strain on the game, as well as a brand new Battle Pass. To avoid them, Battle Pass allows players to unlock their cosmetics and personalization features, if they play with Fortnite to gain experience and skill. Battle Pass has more than 100 levels, which is more than 100 awards.

That's why the biggest change in season is the Fortnite island. This time, they have several treasures around the volcano created by pirates, ninjas and creatures. Together with the Sumendia, new locations for the seventh season are like Sunny Steps and Lazy Lagoon; weapons, however, include Pirate Cannon, which can be used to destroy from one distance to another.

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