The pre-filtration of Galaxy S10 and S10 + has been somewhat remarkable. Although the S9 and S9 + jewelry and the 18: 9 full screen, Samsung's future flags will have an approximate size … but with the camera hole on the top right of the screen. WinFuture and 91mobiles have posted two-phone press images and seem to hides the Samsung camera hole.

Galaxy S10 (left) and S10 + (right)

It comes with all previous filter leaks that come with the new ones: the camera is at the top of the screen, there are three cameras on the back, and the fingerprint sensor is now under the screen. The shell is mostly glass, like S9 and the Bixby button is still present. It's still a headphone in the bottom, so Samsung has won some brownie points from me.

With press-like images, most of the time, as with phones or pin-holes, Samsung cracks the flexible design decisions, with a wallpaper that blackens down at the top. S10 has a single front camera, with S10 + two. At this moment it is not clear what a second front camera is used for. They will be wide-angle shooters like Pixel 3's secondary lenses.

Black Available Drawings, & # 39; Prism White & # 39; and & # 39; green & # 39; they will be. Blue version is expected after the occasional initial version. Galaxy S10 & # 39; e & # 39; The variant will be supposedly yellow, but up to now there has been no image on the device.