Monday , August 15 2022

Gang Of Youth calls them fans to eradicate & # 39; Viagogo to help Australia


Gang Of Youth has become the latest artist to call rigorous anti-tourist Viagogo practices.

You do not have to go far enough to see music fans and Viagogo. Earlier this year, Rubens called the service because they harmed the live music industry with its "rough profiles".

"We hate Viagogo," the band explained on a Facebook post. "They're executing you, they make kutxa a great win and scalpers let you take advantage of all the aspects of a show."

"We've received recent posts in the end. Many people out there pay a $ 222 to $ 76. This is what Viagogo has and its sharp profile – this is a very bad thing, and we do not have this idea legal." Fuck Viagogo. "

While Viagogo made a weekend over the weekend, when the judge of Germany forbade the entry of the Rammstein forensic, Gang Of Youths told the rhythm of the disdain.

Nowadays, when accessing Instagram, Gang Of Youths published an image of a shirt with "Fuck Viagogo" and asked fans to question their negative experiences on the site.

"Many of those who have met Viagogo have become bad and bad reviews in our direct industries in recent years," the groups began. "Viagogo affects promoters, managers, venues, ticket agencies and most importantly, artists and their fans."

"More than 12-month-old organizations talked about the government of the State, and it is possible to eliminate this business in Australia."

"We are demanding a lot of examples of business that has affected this fraudulent operation, and we are also encouraging artists to send in their societies, which is why fans can respond to how Viagogo responds to real-life responses."

"We want to give this document to the Opposition Party that they are committed to participating in this campaign."

Gang Of Youngs closed the post to send fans to express how Viagogo did [email protected] Wednesday.


This is, of course, a positive effort by the group, a new bill that has been introduced into the Parliament of WA, whereby banknotes intend to fake illegal western states.

"Our legislation is increasing by the fact that organizers have put pressure on those who sell tickets, not just incidents," explains Bill Johnston, the Minister of Commerce and Industry.

"(New laws) in most outdoor concerts, there will be major events like RAC Arena and AFL matches at Optus Stadium, which is a great deal of protection against overdue events."

"Some people buy an event card and they can not legitimately give it a reason, so you do not want to get caught, I will waste money," he continued. "But you do not want to promote the ticket scalpers and try to buy and sell tickets for the business."

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