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George Pell's lawyer's apology for "vanilla sexual acts" by Robert Richter

A lawyer at the George Pell lawyer has made a sensational explanation about prison sentences for journalist crimes, "plain vanilla sex acts."

Representatives of Melbourne Law Attorney, replacing most of today's most important Catholics, called Pell's 13-year-old victim to "devastating guys" in the face of incineration.

Pell's crimes, sexually-impaired under 16, argued that they were "plain" and "vanilla".

Mr Richter's boyfriend's molestation and rape characterization sparked violence, arguing that his client would push a bracelet, his depraved action lasted for less than "six minutes," "no eyaculse," and "no use" was implemented.

On a statement released on Thursday afternoon, Robert Richter said that he used "in the court that reflects the most serious sentence in the night night".

Mr. Richter said that he was "a long and stressful process," and he offered them "to apologize to those who were forgiven or injured".

The description of the "plain vanilla sex activities" was not invented to escape the seriousness of what he did, "Mr. Richter said.

"The seriousness of the crime was acknowledged from the beginning to the concession it deserved," said Barkhamena.

"We were looking for streamlining phrases, I used a totally inadequate phrase, and I asked myself to be deprived in a very private way.

"There was no way to reduce or decrease the suffering of victims of sexual abuse and the reduction of cancer, and because of the retrospective, they greatly affected them."

Yesterday, when he clicked on the sentence, Mr. Richter said "do not know what you are talking about".

Currently, "I have never repeated my elective word" again.

Judge Peter Kidd of the County Court of Victoria, yesterday, questioned Mr Ritcher's "Prison" on the "San Francisco Cathedral" in Melbourne in 1996 as "a minor crime."

Mr Kidd clearly said he did not entertain that idea.

"People make the decisions reasoning," said the court. "He did it, he did more than five minutes, and he exploited two weaker boys: the brutality of this attack was an attack."

Mr Richter has said that Pell crimes are not "minor."

He was taken to the Supreme Court case on March 13.

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