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Harvey Weinstein is not in charge of financial crime


Harvey Weinstein only banned another bullet.

Manhattan's court attorneys will not file financial crime against ever-existing film magnitude, New York Post he has learned

The prosecutors did not find any criminal convictions, after a long investigation, that Weinstein earned money from its companies when the accused silenced them.

The authorities sent more than two dozen more rigorous documentation, the Weinstein Company, Miramax and its companies replaced two legal companies.

Weinstein, however, is still involved in attacks, rape and other two victims, the production assistant Mimi Haleyi and the identified woman.

"In order to be officially closed by the Public Prosecutor's Office, it is not surprising at least," said Weinstein's lawyer Ben Brafman, referring to the crime of financial crime.

"For almost a year I was told that this study was not a departure, Mr. Weinstein never had any company or defrauded a person, and always paid his bills, or after the deal, the company returned personal expense."

Over the last two decades, Weinstein has reached agreements with more than fifteen thousand accused, including the Italian model Ambra Battilana Gutiérrez, who received $ 1 million.

In 2015, the police said Weinstein allegedly groped at his Tribeca office, but the Manhattan District Attorney, a full criticized decision, condemned the case.

The financial probe, which is described as a "diverse and aggressive" source, has failed to support proof evidence of scam or larkeny indiction.

Hush-money settlements were carefully investigated by Weinstein's attorneys to ensure that they were legal.

Kevin Wilson, assistant director Christopher Conroy, under the leadership of the Central Office of Criminal Injury.

Crime-free allegations are seen as protective cases of sexual assault, a source said.

"An insurance policy was a case of sexual assault," according to the source.

Wilson is currently working with Joan Illuzzi-Orbon in the case of sexual crimes, which has also had to face serious obstacles.

In October, the Supreme Court of Manhattan Justice James Burke dismissed judicial claim linked to the actor Lucia Evans, due to inconsistencies in his story.

Brafman presented a month, aside from the rest of Weinstein's opposition, that Burke's judge has not yet decided.

In the courts, prosecutors argued that the case is still strong.

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Wilson believes the leader was trying to locate the accuser in Los Angeles in September, and the law enforcement source said. These women, named by Molineux witnesses, denounce criminal charges and strengthen the case of DA. The judge decides whether he or she admits his testimony.

Federal prosecutors in Manhattan are investigating whether Weinstein broke financial laws or not. Believers do not have crimes that do not exist under state law, including fraud and federal stalemate. The state of his research was not immediately clear.

Manhattan DA has not commented.

Brafman said: "Yes [prosecutors] He listened to me at the beginning, that a lot of lawyers in the district kept up a lot of time and money. "

This story appeared for the first time New York Post and it is republished with permission.

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