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He is missing a family of German tourists, revealing a new letter by revealing new clues


January 15, 2019 13:17:33

The family of German tourists, Monika Billen, has revealed some clues about her "dear daughter, sister and aunt" movements before her disappearance.

Key Points:

  • Bill family has sent a letter to the witnesses to present new information about the disappearance of their relative
  • Bill reveals that Billen offered "lots of seating, siting, dreaming, and reading".
  • Since Ms Billen Australia has disappeared from Central Australia

In an ABC letter, Billen's family received emails from the latest e-mail sent by email.

He mentions "more or less walks around Alice Springs".

There are now two weeks left at the 62nd Anniversary of Bill's in Alice Springs's New Year's Day.

The police say that Billen believed that he made 43.5 degrees Celsius hiking a day.

But after five days, the people and the surrounding tracks, helicopters, drone bikes, dogs and horses, the police asked the woman to look for it on Sunday.

He traveled the beaten track for years & # 39;

Billen's family wrote a letter written in Cologne to get Alice Springs public to review any information that might lead to discovery.

"We think it was a monika or a victim of a violent crime," he read.

"Monika has won many years in many countries and has always been very careful.

"It's common for a few days it's been sent by the message, which is why we did not know that it was missing before.

"We have been worried about what Monika has heard about extinction, especially because we know ourselves as very responsible and capable."

Billen wrote on foot in the heat

Ms Bill's last-time staff saw Desert Palms Resort for more than a week.

But it took more than a week to start the search, after three waiters waited three days later to report to the police on January 5.

The police also lost a scheduled flight to Darwin on January 5.

Leaflets were found throughout the warehouse, including 223 kilometers of Mount Larapinta.

His latest email with his family on December 31, Billen determines his plan for the region.

"In the heat I take more or less walks around Alice Springs Central Australia," Mrs. Billen wrote to her family.

"Certainly, the hot landscape fits well … I took a picture [Olive Pink] The botanical garden viewpoint, close to my lodgings (for example) and seats, offers a lot of dreams and readings ".

The family asks the witnesses to go ahead

Several appeals for public support provided a series of tips, focusing on Emily Gap.

The police said his latest confirmation was that the sighting location was received by a local resident despite reports and dismissed off the Olive Pink botanical garden on January 2.

"We are trying to clarify some information regarding the time that has fallen with the Olympic Monika Olympiad," said SP Police representative Pauline Vicary on Friday.

"That was really predicted earlier."

On Friday, the police said Bill's past were driving eight cars to New York's Barrett Drive, but the drivers did not do that.

Although apparently untiring, the police said they did not believe Billen's suspect was suspected.

Billen's family has thanked the NT Police for "helping those who have been looking for Monika's quest".

"[We] Please call Monika for any information you need to contact us, call 131 444 or write to [email protected] "


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