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Heart Disease Awareness Month

March is a month of Awareness Monthly Cancer for Colon Cancer. Colon and consequent cancer is the third form of cancer in the United States. At the age of 50, when my eldest brother died as a result of colon cancer, it is also important to speak about ways to avoid the presence of colon cancer agents.

First of all, if you are over 45 years old (it was 50, in many cases, like my brother, 50 would be too late).

Get it!

This can lead to a simple test of the exercise sample, or you should need a colonoscopy, that is, visual recton and colon examination. Yes, it's true, everyone hates getting one of these tests or procedures. They are shy and uncomfortable. But those who are not keen to get cancer are much more painful, so their treatments are more uncomfortable, so do it.

Stop smoking

You know what to say. And I know it comes from a smoker's family. Did not guess? My father was a lung cancer. My brother died as a result of colon cancer. My mother survived the second period of breast cancer. They were all smokers. Coincidence I do not think so.

Think about the things you want to do. He hoped that my brother should be up and running for two daughters, and that would be taken away. My father wanted to meet the rest of his grandchild and was happy to deny it. There is no guarantee of life, but we know that smoking increases the risk of cancer. So, regarding your life: Do you want to be the first dance of your child? Stop smoking Do you want to make a great adventure for hiking during retirement? To stop smoking Do you have to take care of your spouse when you are older? Quit

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As I said, I am a smoker's family, and I know it's not so easy. It's simple to say, but nicotine withdrawal effects are real. But it can be done. There are support programs, because your doctor can help you, and if you risk burning off your cancer, it will give your future self.


No, I'm not saying packets and going to a new neighborhood. I mean, I'm leaving the seat and moving. Sedentary lifestyles are a great risk factor for colon cancer, so give yourself a chance to get more. Walk for lunch. Exercise twice a week. Enter the yoga class. Moving anything in your body and your inner things.

Eat chicken

Well, vegetables and fruits. In essence, cut your red meat, because the large diet of red meats increases your risk.

Word spread

One of the rarest ways to reduce 100,000 deaths among eye-catcher cancer is to spread the word to be projected. As soon as you get the disease, the more likely it is to overcome it. Colon cholesterol cancers that have been taken before colonization have an average survival rate of about 5% on average 5%. Problem caught 3 to 3. So take your word, spread awareness and save some life.

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