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How to lose weight: ghosts become credits

When celebrities share images of their body and holdings, they often help them to make money and an army crowd.

But this mother has proven herself weeks after week, with generosity and patience, without breaking the quote.

Whether it's boiling kettles, cleaning your teeth or your phone with friends, Julia Meadows finds her a quota for her daily fee.

"I try to squeeze at least 100 squats a day, even though that means I've hanged it in the wash or waiting for a few mixtures of my smoothie on my squats," said

"I want to do about 20 every day until it's 100 days – it makes a big difference."

Because she shares her image behind the portal of her mother's website, she has inundated her messages about her "secret" mother.

"People ask me what I do especially and the honest one falls to an abrupt endurance band – when I do my at-home workouts, I combine my thighs around it and activate my glutes."

But having a strong body back body has not always been the case with Ms Meadows.

At the age of 34 at Victoria Pakenham, she underwent depression and divorced her husband in 2016.

He was looking for comfort in the unhealthy, and he would often find sitting on a couch that suits food and delicious treatments.

A really bad day, with the ice cream that would replace their dinners, the two babies and the people would see 66 kg "not bad", "Meadows was too unhealthy and knew he knew it could cause a change." serious health problems.

"The scales do not have to be true, and now I have progressed with images of progress to reflect on my achievements," he said.

After three years of her daughter, Meadows decided to respond to her actions and wanted to be a healthy role for children, asking for happiness and trust.

"My days can not be hard and not just a single mom, but life is very hard for everyone, but I know that I'm doing well with my healthy child, after having done a great workout and allowing it to survive more energy," he said.

Ms Meadows said The Healthy Mummy, since her father-in-home healthcare moms, has lost 12 months of 12 kg in 12 days, a 28-day Weight Loss Challenge and one healthy Mummy day.

"My body has changed the workout after four weeks," he said.

He agreed to the size of the party and he struggled with overeating the main thing.

"I did not realize how much I really ate. I have never had a good chef and I do not have a passion, but these recipes really understood the size of the measures and they really made it quick and easy," he said.

Ms Meadows also fulfilled one of his constant goals: running two half marathons.

It's important to keep motivated short-term goals, forbidding for a period of 30 minutes or not for two weeks of wine.

"Also, I have a motivational board before and after photos with myself," said Meadows. "He always reminds me of where and why I started helping a lot".

She works twice a week at home twice a week, and at 5:30 she wakes up to work on the F45 Gym before starting work.

"I'm definitely energetic, happier, and safer. I'm always there for kids and kids, I went to the park and not sitting there on the phone, but really playing with them."

Her advice is to expect other moms to lose baby belly?

"Set short term goals, so you will not feel overwhelmed."

The Mummy Healthy, one million subscribers, wants to start a health and fitness application.

Former Rhian Allen's founder and regular magazine sales manager said they were busy and tired, losing extra pounds.

It includes a personal trainer, dietitian, organizing lunch and motivating coach, and now IOS and Android are available.

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