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I'm celebrating Celebrity Competitors Ellen DeGeneres "is not nice"

I like the arrival of US soap star Katherine Kelly Lang … Get Me Out Of Here! Hollywood is a bit weird.

The night happened in the section Bold and the beautifuL star and entertainment reporter Richard Reid think of the worst-party celebrities – and might surprise their response.

When the conversation started GoggleboxAngie Kent asked Reid "who was another moll" in Hollywood.

"Ellen, not nice," whispered Reid.

"Who is Ellen?" Lang asked him, which Reid replied: "DeGeneres."

Lang did not succeed with Reid's claim and said "before hearing" about the US queen's talk.

"It's very good for the show and its show and everything, but I think that its identity is completely different from having its scenes behind," said Lang.

"I've heard it hard to work on its show," Reid replied.

"Oh, bossy or something?" Lang asked and Reid made an agreement.

Impressed by the revelation of Lang and Reid Ellen Show According to the host, Kent said he was "really disappointed" to find out that DeGeneres had a reputation.

Angie: "Wow, really disappointed."

Reid: "I'm glad that someone has heard it."

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Not for the first time, DeGeneres has accused him of having done a hard work, presenting allegations about cameras behavior suggested by storytelling stories over television for many years.

DeGeneres declined to work hard in a conversation New York Times Last year, naming "false lie".

"On the first day I said:" I want the only thing everyone is happy and I am proud of where they work, and if not, here is not, "he said.

"No one is encouraged or not honored. This day is the norm."

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