Friday , August 19 2022

It can be beneficial for your baby's absorption


The researchers found that lowering levels of infarction in the uterus were infected.

Do you think you need to clean your baby's baby and then swallow your baby's mouth, think again! It turns out that, therefore, it can be beneficial to health. The study was presented at the US Congress of Allergy, Asmoa and Immunology in 2016, suggesting a dialogue between sucking for parents with smallpox and smaller allergies among small children. Researchers say that parents spend healthy oral bacteria in a saliva, leading to the early development of the baby's immune system.

According to the study, bacterial cleansing methods and antibody immunoglobulin are considered to be the first to evaluate the interaction between E or IgE. IgE develops allergies and asthma.

The researchers interviewed during the 18-year-old period during a period of 18 months and asked how the child's cleansing was cleansed.

A 128-week-old interview, 58% reviewed the child's daily use. Children who were separated from a child, 41% reportedly cleansed sterilization, 72% cleared the chopin, and 12% reported chupinazo parents' sucking.

The researchers found that lowering levels of infarction in the uterus were infected.

"IgE is a type of antibody that is related to the allergic relationships of the body. Exceptional, higher IgE levels are more likely to be allergic and allergic asthma," said Jaoude.

"Parental sucking was a parent who was linked to the IgE for about 10 months, and it lasted 18 months," said co-author Edward Zoratti.

Parents can be just one example of sucking a way for parents to be able to transfer healthy microorganisms to their small children. Studies indicate the interchange between parents of children in the uterus and children at IgE levels, but it does not necessarily mean that the absorption of bacteria causes a lower IgE.

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