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James Weirk reviews MAFS episode 20

In a brilliant double couple, the wife whose first wife is married gets drunk when she proposes to get married, and then she gets caught up in a hostage by another husband with the pick-up line.

The words "Cheating spree" have reminded themselves of the scene of a car crash while Boozy's dinner party on Wednesdays night. But, like most things in life, everything comes to interpretation.

Jessika does not deceive any sharp progress. He says that they are just "living with other husbands".

A David Jones security guard wants to say something similar to my home car without paying the store without leaving it.

"I live in sandals!" I shout on the ground I shout.

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Tonight we will buy it with a new catch.

The term "I am not talking about it" is said for 36 years by the wife of a man from Jessie. I am not sure about what "no", specifically, but I learned the meaning of the song Wiz Khalifa and I did not repeat it.

What does it mean to be something? Run through some examples.

Does Moms work on a commercial review of Zoot and starts a conversation like "Mom"? We're not talking about it.

But drive your car over instead of roundabouts around Of them? We are totally for that reason. Baller is the movement.

Does anyone else's husband try to seduce their wife when they are literally seated? This is tricky. And tonight, Tamara clearly reveals that it is not about it.

Jessika's husband Mick is super unhappy and immediately retires. She does not want to kiss too much.

"The other day I kissed the egg in my arms," ​​he said. Ugh, what a princess, turning her nose with the egg breath.

In the meantime, producers continue to try to make Mel and Dino, but we're not honest about it.

"When I was bedding when I was in bed I heard Melissa listening to my sister when I ventured to phone him," he says.

Oh Melissa. Love time Everyone knows if you are looking after your partner, you need to make full house security – checking cabinets and under the bed – to ensure they are not. And if you do not feel safe, you will go to the car. The car is a fate of secret places.

"My votes were said to be a joke and it leads us to the door," he said. Again, we do not care about that, but Dino's only thing to do is marry wedding favors and meditation podcasts.

Melissa confronts herself while doing something you do with your partner while hysterically killing you, and "You're attacking me!"

We still do not care about Mel and Dino, until Mel's tidy conversation is revealed secretly. Now I am interested a little bit more. The secret ribbon may be something moving.

Dino is not the problem. He only recorded it, so that he could reproduce he had to deny it back.

It's really genius. We could do everything we wanted with our partner, after discarding something previously agreed.

"Well Google, scroll the tape!" We could crash, and Google Home would play an archived audio.

"What did you do wrong!" Calculate! I have no confidence! I feel sick, "Mel cries out.

When Mel and Dino are more interesting, we will leave a central argument to get rid of hair for our evening meal.

When we arrived, I asked Martha Nic to tell all the maid under the table under Jess's leg and, honestly, Cyrell asks to throw another bowl of fruit.

"Zen rubbing his leg rubbing. It's Sly, "he purrs.

Although Jessia told us that she had not happened completely, she sits next to Martha and tells the story of falsehood.

"And then he acted like Rottweiler and he scuttled my apartment. I'm 30 years old, we grow up," she breathes on Martha Cyrell. Yes, Martha Kalifatidis, in fact, is 30 years old. Growing.

Nowadays, the warehouse doors are opened and new random intruders are introduced into the boat.

Jessika gives a look to fans to whip – Dan, I think – and he decides his desire. Like the mind of Ines-begging-Sam-to-eat-his-cupcake.

"Food is not a meal!" Martha makes Jessika giggles. This scene is important tonight and you must remember later.

Dinner is served, essentially, for a drink of wine that is usually served at the dinner table. We're sitting next to Melissa and we have to listen to her story, I do not know, "violating her privacy" or something silly like that.

"You're just a slump and you're recording me!" Her husband says. "You are literally lying!"

Each one picks up around it and we decide to spend the right time eating his bread roll. It requires playing Dino tape.

"Yeah! Play the tapes!" We're in the mouth with full carbs.

But Dino refuses. What do you think?

Speakers who are in secret recording are in a dungeon that is playing live circuit television.

"You know, I think they are not working," John Aiken observes about Dino and Mel. It is really good to identify such subtle details.

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Martha and Jessika are at the other end of the table and are looking for trouble. "Do you want Dan?" Martha asks Mary.

"No, I'm not interested. I'm interested Nic"She whispers her.


"When I am sexually attracted," he continues.

Jessika's level of inebriation is growing rapidly, so Martha decides what good friends do: she drives Jessika down and keeps her little husband a few yards away.

"If you feel intense with Nic, I am very passionate," says Martha. And we got it. Everyone has different things. Many people have great vibes. Other people have never been husbands who have not stolen their backs.

"Are you happy with Cyrell?" Jessie acknowledges Nic. "My relationship is not very good at this time. I wanted to know how you feel the feelings, along with some feelings that I went on along the way."

I like it "um, sorry, it's pressing me" and "I do not think it!" They like it and we're all "lady, you are to hit on it ".

Nice excludes. It totally drinks and is a humiliating situation, so it really starts to laugh.

"I looked at the Nic's reaction completely shocked", it makes us clear that we are barely standing upright. "I thought I would get another. Yes, at the end of the day we look here, we are all married. But here we are looking for love and, if we are not with our partners, I feel the opportunity to live with other husbands, I want someone to leave for my whole life. , and, honestly, if I hurt the feelings on the way, I will do that. "

Returns to the table, from the public refusal. And in just a few minutes, Dan The With Veneers said he did not say it, and he is also surprised.

He throws and approaches him, trying to flirt.

"When he came in, I said," It's not one snack, yours meal!

And this is a total lie – maybe the biggest of the series. Jessika did not say that, she did her friend Martha. It's a junk joke, but Jessika has steal it anyway.

Now, Jessie does not steal her husband. He also stole the joke. And that is the greatest crime of all.

"What's up here?" It smiles at me.

"I'll get the number," Jessika tries to rummage, but frightens her.

Lady is tireless. Attention and validation is disappointed and will not stop.

Dan's wife Tamara looks at Jessie when Bradley Cooper's wife watched Lady Gaga as the Oscar-winning sex.

Tamara is outraged. "I'm not about that. I do not talk about it," she repeats her hair shaking.

It is he not about it Jessika hitting her husband? Or he just did not about it Jessika in general Or it's the same not about it Missing her husband's reaction? It does not specify but it is safe to say that this is not all.

"Super da desire I, "Jessika remembers us, but that is not correct.

She begins to find her lace corset, so her boobs are almost cracking. Is inadequate And he wants more participation. He holds it back and says Dan hot. If it's difficult, it taps the brush and tries to end it. "Ugh, I'm already myself," she laughed.

This will bring Jessika to the newest line of play ever eternalized in this show.

Now, I do not know much about the correct guys, but I can safely say that most of them are not completely.

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