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Katie Piper's acid attacker's wife is a horrible threat

Katie Piper's anxiety attacker's wife threatened to warn her that her husband announced she was "telling her about smoking" in Instagram's new messages, it was revealed.

Danielle Burke sent Jasmine Middleton a sick message, which had been taken to London by persecution.

Danielle married 30-year-old Stefan Sylvestre in December 2017, previously announced to her friends that she was not cared about by the past criminal.

Stefan was released from prison in October that year, after a period of nine years of prison, when sulfur acid began to approach Strongly Come Dancing Featuring Katie Piper in 2008

Former and former TV broadcaster today has frightened the campaign for survival and attack by foreign organizations and attackers of acids.

In social media messages, allegedly sent to him last year, Danielle threatened Jasmine's infamy husband, saying: "You know my husband was imprisoned 4 … He could burn his face ** white ** to you … I think he would not touch for me ".

"I'll face Bfs face to face".

There is no suggestion Sylvest knew at that time the threats of his wife.

Danielle condemned an attacking acid in the traditional Islamic ceremony, while they were behind the bars.

Sylvestre was not physically fit for the event, but consented to take over the relative.

Alleged victims Jasmine said he was afraid that he had received threats from Danielle.

Danielle had previously slept with her children's father a couple of years ago, and the couple had never completed.

"The day of the day is dense, it breaks my heart," said Jasmin.

Met Police spokeswoman confirmed that Danielle interviewed alleged threats in December last year.

"… The Metropolitan Police received allegations of malicious communication about a message from women posted on the media," said a spokeswoman.

"The officers talked about a woman with a 30-year-old saying they gave him a bullying warning."

The spokesman said Danielle "was not arrested" had an incident.

"The two parties have informed the police of the action," he said.

This story originally appeared in The Sun and has been republished here with permission.

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