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Kingdom Hearts 3 Starts Off With a Great Self-Aware Joke

Kingdom Hearts 2 In 2006 PS2 was launched, fans were waiting for 13 years United Kingdom 3This came out this week. It seems that the developers could not cope with it after spending a little bit of money from Spinoff.

I finally started United Kingdom 3. After watching the videos that have been repeated in sixty minutes, after seeing an opening cut cut and another cut scene other Cut the scene, I went ready. We will cut the black screen. Words "Kingdom Hearts"He slowly stopped. Then this screen appeared:

I laughed loudly. The conventional designation conventions are part United KingdomCharming There are only the highest number notes Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days, a Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5, and a Kingdom Hearts χ (noticeable "key"). It is also called a game Kingdom Hearts 2.8, and another named United Breasts 0.2. Add one 2.9 At first he feels unhappy feeling, then you laugh.

Many people wanted to ruin it because it was a shame, I was not sure. United Kingdom 3 Years would come, like a way of reconciliation that I was desperately waiting for.

Now he felt like he was playing in the joke. Rest assured, after passing the first world, you will see the splash screen United Kingdom 3, but it was fun to wait for everyone to wait for a bit longer.

The other players had a similar reaction:

One day, I will soon come United Kingdom 3. Just as soon as I thought.

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