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Lady Gaga goes beyond Bradley Cooper's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" rumors

LOS ANGELES ( – It seems Bradley CooperLady Gaga Romanticism rumors He then came to be Oscar-nominated film in the Oscars can be placed in bed.

Lady Gaga stopped Jimmy Kimmel Live Wednesday, where Kimmel accelerated the consolidation of the internet after completing the pair of "Shallow", he won the Oscar for the original song on Sunday.

"This is a relationship with Bradley right away, and I think it's over. People said:" Oh, they have to be in love, "said Kimmel.

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga were aloud. (Getty)

Oscar-winning songwriter, who brought the conversation with his statue, gave a massive eyeroll, then went: "First of all, The social network, quite true, is a common Internet. And in terms of cultural pops, it's abysmal. And people saw love and invented what we wanted to see. "

"This is a love song," Shallow, "he continued." The movie, A star is bornIt's a love story. We worked hard, we worked throughout the week. Bradley, and you know, I've never had control over live on stage and I've done them a million. But he directed this film and, of course, he directed the musical moments of the film and "Shallow," in the film.

"So I knew how to go, and that was what I was saying:" What do you think of Bradley? "And he set everything."

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Gagak made his indentation and Cooper's apparent chemistry to love songs demands.

"From the point of view of performance, it was very important for us all to be connected all the time. Look, I've been walking around Tony Bennett for three years around the world. When you're singing love songs, that's what you want to feel."

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