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Melbourne's male finds a toothpaste on Singapore's planes

When Bradley Button approached the end of his Singapore Airlines meal basin, he was confused.

He woke up in his mouth and was there – there was no such thing.

"I have exhibited my exhibitions," said Button.

"I was not well on the rest of the flight, the idea of ​​getting my food in someone else's bodies is not pleasant."

Mr Button was on his way to Melbourne from a trip after a short trip on Tuesday to the Wellington Aircraft SQ248 aircraft after a friend's stomach-churning event.

"He had to tell me that he was going to go to the plane, and told me he was a small rock when he was in the shade of a tooth," he said.

"Then I paid $ 75 in Singapore free duty on flights."

Mr Button said he was also thought to be a broken limb and confirmed the AAP story.

Mr. Button took pictures of a molar tooth that shows a small object.

Singapore Airlines calls for Mr Button to apologize for his experience and the object will be tested in Melbourne.

"We are currently focusing on the incident and we have sent the objective of analysis. At the moment of knowing the results of the study, we will determine what action actions are best", a spokesman said in a statement.

"We expect all our meals to meet the constant high standards and we are disappointed in this discovery."


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