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Michael Jackson's brothers reject Australia's accusation

The last and most popular was the family and Jackson's legacy, which has repeatedly been documented lately through written affirmations, a lawsuit, and HBO and other films. HBO announces on Wednesday that it will give a special Monday night that Oprah Winfrey interviews Robson and Safechuck.

May 8th Neverland leaves the air.

May 8th Neverland leaves the air.Credit:HBO

Their main criticism has been the failure of the film to talk with family members or other Jackson's defenders.

They responded to the allegations that the brothers and sisters asked.

"Oh, we definitely came and talked about this situation … to protect our brother," said Tito Jackson. "Here it is not here. It happened and we are his brothers, that is to say, we must suppose."

Marlon Jackson said: "I'm telling you, you're protecting your brother, but you're telling the truth and wanting to understand the truth. And I do not know how a filmmaker can do a documentary, nor do I want to talk to him or Never Neverland talk with some families ".

Documentary Director Dan Reed has repeatedly defended his film, which only uses voices of Robson, Safechuck and his relatives.

"It's a story of both of these families, not all of Michael Jackson's or no other people," said Reeder, after launching the AP movie. "People who have spent time with him," could not be pedophile. "How do they know? It's absurd."

Robson, 36, and Safechuck, 40, both adults, through court in 2013 and later in the documentary, talked about alleged abuse, when Robson was 7 years old when Safechuck was 10 years old.

Both authorities had previously been informed that they had not abused him, and Robson ended the absolution of the absolute testimony in Jackson's defense in 2005.

Jackson's family members say they're mostly listening to Robson, a well-known choreographer who has worked with Britney Spears and & # 39; N Sync. Many Jacksons, including Taj, met Robson and his family, since he was a child. Robson had a daughter of Jackie Jackson for more than seven years.

"Wade Robson was not the only one, he did not know the same guy," said Taj Jackson. "Wade was the most popular judge in 2005 and 2005. His first defense was witness, a testimony of the Star. There was nothing wrong."

Taj Jackson said Robson thanked him for the day, and Robson replied that at least Mikel Strogoff could do it.

"To see this 180, you might feel the biggest backstab," he said.

The film acknowledges and discusses the initial denial of male abuse. Both claim that those who experienced the traumatology of adulthood had accepted what was happening.

No one in the Jackson family has any memories of Safechuck. Robson has criticized his critics, whose allegations, they say, have come together with financial problems.

They have mostly been denied the work of a Jackson-themed Cirque du Soleil show to change his story.

Robson said he had not been accused, and Cirque du Soleil actually removed the show because of the nervous breakdowns. They asked her therapist for the first time about exaggeration.

Wade Robson, director Dan Reed and James Safechuck, premiered at Neverland in Sundance last month.

Wade Robson, director Dan Reed and James Safechuck, premiered at Neverland in Sundance last month.Credit:Taylor Jewell

Robson's attorney Vince Finaldi said Wednesday he was traumatized by Robson's resignation of sexual abuse due to financial problems.

"His healing keys were getting away from the entertainment industry," Finaldi said.

Men are thrown into technical disputes, but their lawyers have attracted judgments. He finally said that they will use all the means to tell their stories through law or the media.

"They will never stop talking about their truth," he said.

The Jackson Court Case, filed in recent weeks, alleges Neverland left It does not deal with a channel that violates a contract in 1992 so that Jackson does not allow them in the future. HBO called for a desperate attempt to undermine the lawsuit.

Jackson's family has taken a keen look at them Neverland left Analyzing Deeper Situation

"Everything is worried about the incident," said Marlon Jackson. "Incident on public records, the story is quite different than talking about this documentary".

Robson and Safechuck appear CBS morning On Friday, discuss their allegations.

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