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Mindy Kaling defends children’s “Caucasian” names


Mindy Kaling has been forced to defend her children’s names after a “rude” fan asked why their names are “Caucasian”.

The actor will come after taking a boy in secret earlier this year.

The comment appeared in a message about Kaling’s cover appearance Vogue Indiarena December issue.

“I was so excited, they asked me to explain the skin [Vogue India’s] The December issue but very nervous because I would have to give birth to my son Spencer and shoot him in six weeks, ”he wrote.

“I didn’t feel confident in my body, and I even thought about saying no. But [publicist Katie Greenthal] and Vogue surrounded me with talented and wonderful people, and I am now happy to have these photos as a memento of this particular time in my life. “Postpartum pandemic is fabulous” is what I like to call it. Thank you [Vogue India], I love you! More photos will come. Enjoy! ”

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The scammer later wrote, “It’s not my business, but do your children have Indian second names? Are you proud of your culture and I wondered why the names are so Caucasian.”

The actor quickly replied, “They do! Swati and Avu!”

Kaling had previously revealed that his daughter Katherine’s middle name was Swati, who recently appeared to be just Spencer’s middle name.

Under the name Swati, Kaling added, “It’s my mother’s name. It’s beautiful and meaningful. “

Kaling also made sure to pay homage to his father, with Spencer’s middle name being his full name.

While Kaling took the comments for granted, some fans jumped to the defense.

“It’s a rough comment … I’m half Mexican and her name is Loraine,” they wrote.

Another comment added: “He can certainly be proud of his culture and name his children anything he wants … My half-Indian son will have Indian surnames and a half but his‘ Caucasian ’name does not make us proud of his culture part of it “.

Someone else commented: “India is very big and diverse and they spent a lot of time dependent on the British. That’s why there are usually Indians who have given and received white names! They have adapted and moved forward as they know, Mindy’s family and my very Indian friend like the families of some! “

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It didn’t end there.

“Actually, maybe our names have nothing to do with British rule. Kerala is 20% Christian and the women in my family have had names like ‘Anna’ or ‘Susan’ for the last 2,000 years, long before they were colonized,” a fourth replied.

“There are more than 30 million Christians in India, many with names like ‘Katherine.’ And 16th-century Catholic missionaries left their mark before the British arrived.”

“I just wanted to add this point to the discussion! There is a South Asian Diaspora that has not lived in South Asia for generations, and they often develop new cultures, ”added one user.

“There is a large South Asian community in the Caribbean whose first language is English, and many of these countries have Christian / European names.

“In my family, we all have names that originate in Europe (English, French, Roman) with second names that are Arabic or Hindu. There are all kinds of South Asian stories. “

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