Saturday , July 2 2022

Miranda Kerr has a "mother-bod", what are the expectations for us?


Miranda Kerr Los Angeles this year.

Miranda Kerr Los Angeles this year. Photo: CHRIS PIZZELLO

When a supermodel says it's a "mother-bod", it's hard to not make eyes, especially when Miranda Kerr's model is in the real cover of the magazine.

This is particularly annoying, once someone said, "Some ways are the safest people we have never met, they are constantly saying that they are not enough. You really need to practice your love."

Smaller models, I often worry about self-esteem.

Fortunately, as Kerr published by Marie Claire in January 2019, she fits in with her "mother-bod". That's lucky, he had just seen six months ago, Hart's second son, co-founder of Multiple Snapchat Evan Spiegel. Another boy has, Flynn, seven, actress Orlando Bloom.

"It is really important for the woman to be gentle with ourselves and not to go back after a baby."

"It's good, I have a mother-in-law and she's okay!"

Oh c – a supermodel, gracing on the cover of a fashion magazine, telling other women with a "mother-bod" is not usually insulting with conventional supermodel women.

First of all, what is a "mother-bod" too? I do not know for sure that one thing exists. "Mother-bod" is bad? I am totally confused.

Secondly, if you want women to be more absurd, why are you talking about your body after six months of birth?

This pressure goes to other momos.

Why do women continue to follow their bodies, after birth, as a kind of honor? Why not say: "You are looking happy. What are you doing to be healthy and able to embody children and get a tough job with your childhood?"

And why do women who live in these privileged spots like their post-baby babies? Their worlds are not like ours.

Yes, a baby grew up and ravaged her. And yes, they have emotional feelings, emotions and face challenges, but when the effects are centered on bodybuilding, the similarities end.

Most women do not have time, they have enough money and sleep, they do nothing, they do regular exercise, hairdressing, facials, brokering or superfoods, like many of our famous obsessions, including Kerr.

This does not mean that all celebrities will "adhere" after their birth. It's hard for all women, but it probably helps you with a lot of resources.

So, also, professional stylists and glam professionals.

It is not enough to have a shower and have a six-month-old baby dressed in the morning, the residence of a supermodel engraved with a Saturday sundeck.

Having a baby is enough to change life. If you can not leave your home, you deserve the gold medal. Do not always compare to catching, especially wings.

I will not talk about my "mother-bod". Let's say the twins are pregnant, and my younger son is eight years old.

If Miranda Kerr has a mother-bod, I have to have a whale-mother bod.

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