Sunday , June 13 2021

NASA sent Mars to $ 850 million, which could cause traces of the mystery of the solar system

  • Insight Lander successfully touched Marsen yesterday and is the biggest drill ever sent by NASA to space.
  • The drill US $ 850 million is designed to analyze the structure of Mars, deepening it more deeply than ever.
  • Check out the video above, Insight explains one of our most important mysteries of the solar system.

Below is a video transcript.

NASA plans to renew land like never before, sending a giant Mars drill. NASA is the largest drilling space ever sent in space to make it more profound than ever. Mission? Discover one of the main mysteries of our solar system.

NASA's $ US850 million is the first structure designed by InSight Lander Mars. So far, NASA landings have been exploring the Mars surface to analyze potential life signals. The volcanoes, the valleys and the canyons have been touched near. But InSight will not go anywhere, because InSight is not adventurous and can not move. NASA has a shot to make it a perfect place to land, here! Elysium Planitia, sometimes one of the largest car parks in Martha. NASA is the clearest place to find and the best place in InSight. On the one hand, it is close to the equator, and the InSight tool strengthens every two years by ensuring solar panels. But most importantly, the smooth surface will make it easier for InSight's drill to penetrate Martian's crust.

The drill works like a motorized nail on the ground. For 40 days, drills will reach about 16 meters. That's roughly the length of a car. In the comparison, NASA's Curiosity Rover punching about half a half. Aspirin is the length of a pill. As an InSight dig, it will occasionally blow up the hot explosions. When heat is heated in this circuit, when heat is heated, InSight can measure soil chemical chemistry. But InSight's drill gets double duty. As it moves to Earth, it also sends vibrations to the ground, because the different layers that are hidden beneath the surface are sensitive. For example, if Mars has underground lava flows, the vibrations will find them. But this only gives NASA traces to the deep layers of Mars. To understand the deep inner part, InSight has another tool that measures Mars over its axis. Egg is similar. If you spoil the uncooked egg, the liquid yolk will slob it around to make the egg wobble. If the interior is cooked, there is less. Likewise, how much Mars is telling us whether their nucleus is liquid or solid metal.

All of these lights can be used to paint the mysteries that are better used to paint and create mysteries that are first and foremost as planet and planet. While Mars is undergoing studies, scientists are transforming themselves from a warm and humid world, Mars has been carrying out thousands of years of destructive landscape today. But the horizon's goal is even bigger. In the end, knowing more about our solar system, the better we can get our planet from other planetary plants that can move beyond the solar system.

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