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Netflix drops go down, announces the return date

Remember OA? Thanks to Netflix's television show, it's nowhere to go – no ads, no trailers, no promotions – in 2016 and in a few weeks.

Also, the splitter proved to be the end of the end.

Streamer announced a season for a season, and now has a release date and a silent trailer. Then, at least, you know it comes.

The new season will be left on March 22 and you will see the first trailer below.

The science-fiction and supernatural show is a woman who has appeared again after seven years. The new chapter (if you do not see it now, if you have not seen it in the first season and plan), it will continue its journey in a new dimension, where life was different as a Russian actress.

The story will include a private detective in search of a missing teenager and a strange house related to the disappearance.

Brit Marling is back OA stars, Jason Isaacs, Emory Cohen, Patrick Gibson, Phyllis Smith and Brendan Meyer. Together with Marling Zal Batmangliji, he is the creator of the show.

New cast members, including Kingsley Ben-Adir and Chloe Levine, were named as Riz Ahmed's guest star.

OA It will be available for two seasons to be played on Netflix on March 22 at 7:00 p.m. AEDT.

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