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Netflix removes a miniscule documentary

The controversial Netflix documentary has caused a serious mix of the medical community without losing the live streaming service.

Main reasonThe root canal claims to link cancer, it has disappeared from its website since January 1.

The claims of the film had a major impact on questioning the safety and suitability of the root channels, and causing cancer, whether it was easier for the medical community to make public problems easier.

The American Association of Endodontists created the document "Internet Movie Speaking Points" by doctors and experts in a broader community of "extreme and outliers".

"Many have fake relatives or revocation of permissions," he said.

"The theory that questions the safety of the root canal treatment is almost 100 years old and is long-lasting and constantly dissolved.

"The wider medical and scientific community accepts root cans treatments to safely and efficiently eliminate pain and store natural patient teeth."

Dr. Mitchell Josephs called "a terrifying and misleading movie" and said that "Chihuahua was angry with an analogous kidney problem, dragged across the carpet".

"This is grossly wrong and it only attracts attention to the fear of humanity, it suggests fire in a crowded theater," he wrote Tribute to Herald.

The film "claims that most people with chronic degenerative diseases have problems with their mouths" and "98% of women with breast cancer have a root canal tooth cancer at the same time as breast cancer."

But the association said that there was no valid scientific evidence linking it to the root channel

The treatment of the other body in the body and the claims were completely false and misleading.

Editorial review Amazonas, one of the sites that continues to make DOCO, describes film as a true 10-year-old man's story, his terror attacks, anxiety, chronic fatigue, nausea, dizziness, agitation and insomnia.

"It's a round solution for the whole world, for a moment that tears up the answer, and laughs at the next overwhelming reflection," he says.

"Root Cause has been modified to change the holistic health around the world."

The medical expert Netflix praises the decision to eliminate movies directed by Australian Frazer Bailey, even though the website has not been indicated for their reasons.

Dental Associations wrote in January, January, by Netflix, Apple, Amazon and Vimeo, in order to eliminate movies from the platforms, which detected a public safety approach to safe treatment.

"When you suffer from an external canal or other endodontic treatment, the pulp or contaminated paper is removed and the interior of the teeth carefully washed and disinfected, filled and sealed", the Endodontist Association has clarified.

"The root canal treatment allows bacteria and infections to be removed while allowing patients to maintain their natural teeth."

Media experts suspect Netflix is ​​protecting its reputation for documentaries.

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