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NRL 2019: Matty Johns on Knights halves, Mitchell Pearce, Kalyn Ponga, Storm 2017

In 2017 Matthew Johns made a close relationship with Cooper Cronk and Cameron Munster.

They brought a title called Storm.

Now, Johns can see a similar flossoming combination between Mitchell Pearce and Kalyn Ponga between Newcastle Mitchell Pearce and Kalyn Ponga.

Like Munster, the 20-year-old Pong wins the No.6 jumper this year.

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He fled with the first winner of Pearce, and the debut season with blue and red prevented a shoulder injury.

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Their new collaboration is the excitement of Hunter.

Johns says it could be the most deadly combination of NRL.

"It is a magnificent eighth match of the mid-fifth. Unbelievable. It's potentially the best league," said Johns Starting the Fox League on Wednesday.

"If you have a halfback to play the entire field like Pearce, No.6 basically pops it up where he wants it. In 2017, when Cronk directed Melbourne's entire field, Munster chose and chose all his fancy and choice. Kalyn will play Mitchell this year. "

Johns works with part-time NRL clubs as a consultant. Melbourne players have spent a lot of time during the 2017 season.

While this year he has not asked to work exactly with Ponga and Pearce, a pair of knights can play a similar Melbourne playbook in 2017.


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Pearce's experience – which has already been the National State and NRL finals – will play the role of central control, young Ponga can use their natural athleticism and new football to make X a factor. Cron and Munster did two years ago.

Connor Watson leaves the fullback to play Billy Slater's Newcastle spine role.

"Pearcey and Cron are different types of players, they have different attributes and plays," said Johns.

"But playmakers like managing the game's management of art as they are older, is a learned skill. The ability to control a game really does happen in your career.

"Last year Mitchell saw that it was very good at Newcastle.

"Mitchell can control the whole field of this year. There is no line drawn in the field and" Kalyn is yours and Mitchell is this, "Mitchell will execute the field.

"Kalyn and Connor Watson will play in many ways as two fullbacks.

"Melbourne won the company in the year 2017 … Cron began the pitch, and Billy Slater and Munster played six and a bit.

"I think that Newcastle can do the same".

Pearce's roaming role was in the trial against Dragons. The time spent in the vicinity goes through the park, and even if it appears on the left bank, the ribs to kick.

Pearce said This week, the knight coach Nathan Brown allowed him to drive this year, sticking to the right side of the dog.

With regard to Pong, its 6th move is exciting for fans, but some games could be used in Poland.

He criticized Maori All Stars's performance, but Wollongong's last week did better demonstrations for knights.

Johns has simple tips for the eighth of the eight youngsters, and he also shared with Munster in 2017.

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"If you think something about Munster's key to No.6", call the ball and go. "He created his strength and natural speed, and that will be with Kalyn.

"You do not look for the ideal. At least one thing you feel is something you can call football and go on and something will happen."

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