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OJ Simpson's former CEO, Norman Pardo, says Nicole Brown was trying to kill him

Norman Simpson's former director, Norman Pardo, is making a documentary about gossiping – Simpson presented "the only case he did not act".

The New York Post Pardo describes it as a friend of the NFL-great-turned-con and worked with Simpson for almost 20 years, and has spent four years working with Australian Dylan Howard's executive director.

half_cameraOJ Simpson and his former Norman Pardo director. Image: Facebook

The series will run next week to play services, cables and premium networks, in accordance with the 25th anniversary of the murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.

"For the first time, the most profound investigation against the murder in America will be in America," said Pardo, who has not seen more than 70 hours of Simpson's video.

half_cameraOJ Simpson and his girlfriend Nicole Brown. Picture: Provided
half_cameraRon Goldman. Picture: AP

"We have formed a team of international researchers, experts and lawyers at international level," he said. "And I believe they do not believe that they believe that Simpson had participated in his deaths, but for the first time he has been at least an accomplice."

Howard, formerly Australian Channel 7. When it worked for Australian negligence, Discovery ID is behind the series of crimes An American Murder Mystery and the series Inquirer National Investigates.

half_cameraJournalist Dylan Howard. Image: Getty
half_cameraOJ Simpson in his photo book. Picture: Provided

Simpson himself committed suicide in an interview in 2018, and Simpson did not recognize crime, but described how hypothetically Brown and Goldman died.

He gave help, citing the name "Charlie".

However, general consensus Simpson killed the pair.

half_cameraCompleted O.J. Simpson (C) confesses that his lawyer, after prosecuting the trial of sworn court judge F. Lee Bailey (L) and Johnnie Cochan Jr (R). Image: Getty

A single set of bloody traces staggered in a scene, and Simpson photographed a pair of shoes with the same footwear.

They found some drops of blood on the left of the evidence that revealed DNA tests in the blood of Simpson.

In addition, he moved his blood to Simpson's Ford Bronco White.

half_cameraOJ Simpson and his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson in 1993. Picture: AP

This article has originally appeared New York Post and it is republished with permission

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