Friday , August 19 2022

Outside the driver, hitting the cyclist


A cyclist rushes when a driver changes the music he plays in his car after he has closed his eyes, he will spend nine months in jail.

Emma Kent, at the age of 24, listened to hearing, and was shocked by the announcement that a judge was sentenced.

He was considered guilty of the Supreme Court for a dangerous drive that led to the death of Gareth Davies, 57th in Black Forest Drive on December 10 of Macedonia.

He started with Mr. Davies Kent, when Kent attempted to connect Bluetooth mobile phone with a car audio system.

The police said he was about 10 seconds.

"I was preparing to play by changing the radio (music) on the radio," he said.

"That's what I was doing."

The police dismissed drugs, alcohol, fatigue or speed clause as factors.

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Judge Sue Pullen said Davies's death was completely inattentive to Kent.

While expressing Kent's statements of culpability and repression, he was considered "mischievous".

"Distressed for both families – Mr Davies and yours – is evident," he said. "But the loss is permanent."

After the scenes of the Black Forest Drive in Macedonia. Image: Jay Town

After the scenes of the Black Forest Drive in Macedonia. Image: Jay Town

Mr Davies's daughter said she had lost her hearing in court two weeks ago.

"I knew it was as soon as I knew the world and my life the first 24 hours I found out," said Rhia Davies.

"I can not speak how much I feel full and consummate the rage against the accused."

His youngest sister, Ffion, told his grandmother he had to give news. He said: "After the death of my father, the whole world has vanished."

Bicycle Richen's boss, Craig Richards, has said Davies's death driver is expensive, at all times to keep his eyes on the road.

"There are no winners in such serious situations.

"A young woman is in prison, her partner, father and son have been lost forever, and the bicycle community loses the pain of another life," said Mr. Richards.

After being released from prison, he must complete a two-year mandate from the Directorate of Community Affairs, where he must pay 100 hours of service.

In addition, it must present a mental health assessment and complete the driver's awareness programs.

For two years he abolished his driving license.


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